Straight Go Away (Episode 1) | Sarajevo

First episode shows fun on the streets of Sarajevo during 2014.


FACES&LACES presents a video showing the retrospective of the open-air event in 2014, which took place at Gorky Park, Moscow. Thematic concept of the FACES&LACES 2014: SPY GAMES / ANONYMOUS ACTIVISM.In the history of culture, both classical and modern, we will see that ANONYMITY has always been quite a strong and powerful way of communication between the author and his audience. At the same time it’s been an effective way of making people concentrate their attention on one and exact thing – the art object. OUR CREW has always been taking care about the way our exhibitor control the quality and level of self-presentation and how they demonstrate the result of their work. For OUR CREW, the project itself is the result of the hard work and a huge amount of responsibility too. That’s why, in 2014 FACES&LACES project is all about the ANONYMITY, that plays huge role in subcultures. For us, neither personal publicity nor popularity of the participants are important. The main point is the result, the message that all the visitors are going to get and think over. More inforamtion

Merry X-mas with Kiss, Healer and Gouge

We hooked up our boys last weekend with some paint for a Xmas painting. Big up Kiss, Healr and Gouge. Video. photos & Editing: Ollie Nordh. See more after jump.


POW! WOW! Hawaii from the Eyes of Ron English

Take a look at POW! WOW! Hawaii from the eyes of renown painter and street artists, Ron English. Join us a stroll through Kaka’ako as Ron English talks to the artists of the festival and gives insight on his experience. Directed by Mikey Inouye of Banzai Media.

Heerlen Murals 2014 recap

HRLN Murals 2014 recap presents a overview of the street art festival held in Heerlen (Netherlands). An eclectic selection of (inter) national artists from the Netherlands, the United States, Germany, Chile, and Brazil. The art on display includes murals, works on canvas, installations, illustrations and photography. The participating artists of 2014 were: Inti, Cyrcle, Hendrik “ECB” Beikirch, Finok, Case – Maclaim Crew, Stohead, Super A, Delta, Does, Eelco van den Berg, Remko Koopman, Rutger Termohlen, Marcel Thelen, Nils Müller. The project was curated by Raenys Martis.

Wall Move 2014

Wall Move Graffiti Event by maker’z & TSFcrew. For the Banc Public festival. Artists: Red, Papy, Brinks, 2rode, Djalouz, Boolee, Caligr, Ensu, Korcé. Check the video.

Antwan Horfee at Ruttkowski68

Antwan Horfee at Ruttkowski68

HORFEE’s artistic past straddles both the official and the illicit. He studied at the school of fine arts in his hometown of Paris and he painted graffiti. Seamlessly moving between media, Horfee’s style is inspired by everything from European abstract painting to homemade tattoos, vintage animations and underground comics. Whether completing a piece in public outside or painting on canvas or sculpting, Horfee retains a signature style marked by powerful, vibrant color and loose edges. Proudly displaying their flaws instead of hiding them, Horfee’s works neatly blur boundaries between street culture and the restrictions of fine art. See more after jump.


ApRock Joining Forces With The Snowgoons DJs – The ReMixTape


As the Snowgoons, Grim Reaperz, Soulbrotha, Morlockko Plus, Crazeology, White Shadow, ScarcityBP, Kyo Itachi, Soulslicers… have proven, it’s become common practice for European beat makers to produce their tracks with well respected international MCs. The internet, social networks and it`s new forms of communication made the worldwide musical exchange much easier, and a globally connected scene, became reality. German executive producer ApRock is joining forces with over a dozen beatmakers from the old continent to exchange tracks and remix them vice versa. The feature list manages to assemble a cast of veritable North-American-All-Stars with names including Masta Ace, Large Professor, Kool G. Rap, El Da Sensei, AG, Army Of The Pharaohs, Rasco, Akrobatik, Edo G., Ruste Juxx, Blaq Poet… download link after the jump:


Hafendampf Graffiti Jam in Essen, Germany 2014

Hafendampf Sprayjam! From 26.-28.09.2014.  Awesome line up with writers from all over germany. Artists: JBCB, Magic & KJ263, TKA, CVA, Wert, Fnack, IGB, Qumi, Orm, Alme, Jym129, SIE Crew, Demon, Top Notch, FDH, MTW and many more. See all images after jump.


City of GOLD 2014 – Johannesburg


October saw the running of the 2014 edition of the City Of Gold Urban Art Festival in Johannesburg, South Africa. Local and International artists including, WANE, MR DHEO, SOLO ONE, FALKO, CURIO, REKSO, MYZA, FIYA, ZESTA, VERONIKA, JESTR, KEVIN LOVE, MARS, TYKE, and ANGEL, took over parts of the Joburg inner city, painting large walls and various random spots. Check out the completed artworks here.”


Nychos’s Panther work at Art Basel


As Art Basel comes to an end and the spaces that were once filled with people and partying are now quiet and returning to normal. The artwork that was left behind now stands strong in the sun, unhindered for all to see. Nychos from Austria was one of these artists that left behind his art to hopefully stand the test of time. (Or at least till next year). Check out his latest Miami Panther work here after the jump.


Current @ the Arsenal Montreal 2014

Current is a Street-art exhibit that took place at the Arsenal in montreal 2014, Produced by Speakeasy and supported Montana Cans with the participation of: Case, Kevin Ledo, Alexis Diaz, Labrona, WIA, Sten Lex, Philippe Allard, Karine founier, Alexis Vaillancourt, Bottero and Menasger.