New Montana BLACK Artist Edition Out Now!


New Montana BLACK Artist Edition Out Now! The next Montana BLACK Artist Edition is ready… designed by NYCHOS – Chosen color shade is Kidney BLK 4230. In stores now!

M.A.C.Meeting San Francisco 2014

M.A.C.Meeting San Francisco 2014. In august the MONTANA ARTIST COLLECTIVE made their yearly gathering in San Francisco to discuss projects for the rest of the year. After a day of meeting and brainstorming project ideas, the Collective hit the city to paint. Wane, Steel, Risk, Dmote, Atom, and Sever spent the following day painting a wall in San Francisco’s Mission District. A lot of fun and laughs were had. Keep an eye out for more actions made by the Montana Artist Collective in the near future… More images can be found here: or

Kick and Throw – Graffiti Show | Impressions 2014


Kick and Throw – Graffiti Show | Impressions of the opening last friday. 2014. Tags, Throw Up´s and Quicks are the basic elements in Graffiti Writing. The 6 artists Sweetuno, Form76, Ilk and Keno from Paris as well as Ikaroz from Sweden focused on these elements for their “KICK AND THROW GRAFFITI SHOW” at Alte Feuerwache in Mannheim. The show started on saturday 05th of September. See more images after the jump.


Herakut: ‘Flaw Circus’ | Ruttkowski;68

Herakut’s exhibition “Flaw Circus” at Ruttkowski;68 presents their most conscious outlooks on the world based on the experiences they have accumulated. The works challenge the audience and offer viewers a new perspective. Earlier this year, Siddiqui and Lehman completed a project in Syria and north Jordan. While the pair has always strived to explore social injustice, their work in these two countries once again showed quite plainly just how much influence street art can have in nations torn apart by war and other miseries. Because it’s in places like this where a splash of colour can have the largest impact. And it’s this energy that they try to harness with their work. Herakut: ‘Flaw Circus’ | Ruttkowski;68 | Exhibition dates: 29.8 – 28.9.2014

JWMN Bridge Jam Drogheda, Ireland- 20 years strong..


This year the Drogheda Bridge Jam in Ireland celebrated it’s 20th consequtive year running. Since 1994, Rask of the TDA Klann in Ireland has been organising this event which has hosted a large array of local and international talent. To support the locals in the 20th birthday celebrations, this year Tiws (DK), Gent (UK), Pure (USA) and Love Pusher (UK) came from abroad to help complete the two main wall productions. In honor of Rask the organiser, a series of Rask dedication pieces were also done as a tribute to what this event has done for Irish and world graffiti, as the longest running graffiti event in the world. Check out more pictures after the jump:


Faces and Laces 2014


Faces and Laces 2014. This year the interactive Festival of street art, street fashion and subcultures will take place at Gorky Park – an iconic place for Moscow hipsters. Exhibitions, street concerts, performances and other modern art components create an open-air which has no analogs in the capital of Russia. An important hallmark of Faces & Laces is anonymity because true artists do not create to be famous but to change the world. See more images after jump.


Stockholm Celebrity Graffiti Burner Battle II


See all the photos from the Celebrity Graffiti burner battle II in Stockholm!


JWMN meets Kurir Pubb Crew

Super fresh movie  from Kurir Pubb Crew entry for our just Writing My Name meets… series.



War has many connotations in todays world. We are reminded daily that there is a war going on somewhere. The word war is cleverly used to convince us of many things. Whether it be fear, consumption or contempt. But what happens if the warrior colours of the past are combined with the contemporary art making tools of today? Combined with the right space with the right imagery, a whole new meaning occurs. More impresions after the jump:


Kick and Throw Graffiti Show | Studio visit


Last night we hooked up at the studio of Alte Feuerwache at the ongoing preparation of this years KICK AND THROW Graffiti show… We met Sweetuno, Form76, Ilk and Keno being busy with the last preparations of the show. We could catch a glimpse of some of the artworks… more after the jump!


Exhibition Review | STEFFEN SEEGER & LEHRTER17


For the exhibition “OH INTERESTING OK GREAT” berlin based artist Steffen Seeger worked with Montana ACRYLIC ink and SPIDER effect spray paint at LERHTER17 – have a look at the artwork he did, more after the jump!




Tags, Throw Up´s and Quicks are the basic elements in Graffiti Writing. KICK AND THROW GRAFFITI SHOW is focused on this elements. Regardless of the ongoing boom to “Streetart”, Graffiti Writers worldwide work further for their outlines, their so called “Handstyle”. Check also the teaser clip!