WALLCOME Festival – Midsession


WALLCOME Festival – Midsession. The urban art festival WALLCOME now enters its third round. Schmalkalden will proudly welcome two internationally renowned artists for the Midsession from 11 to 21 August. For the opening in late June, the German artists ECB and Case (the latter also co-initiator of WALLCOME) presented the Thuringian town with two new ‘inhabitants’ in the shape of mural-portraits. Shortly after, the Polish artist M-City gave a demonstration of stencil art at its finest.  See more images after jump.


No Limit – Street Art Borås 2014 | Sweden


For the first time in history, Sweden will be opening its wall to the first Street-Art mural event No Limit. With more than 10 walls spreading across the city of Borås, No Limit will be turning its city into the first outdoor gallery of its kind in Sweden.  See more at: www.nolimitboras.com

Lousy Livin x Montana Cans “Spring Break” Boxershorts and Shopping Bag

Simple and focused, Lousy Livin is a dedicated brand with a single, creative and affordable product supported by selected persons. Bringing all these elements under one roof brings a clear vision of the brand and translates easily into the world. Lousy Livin is already synonymous with highly graphical outlets and high synergy collaborations with selected brands from diverse backgrounds. So this year we we have teamed up with them working on a special pair of boxershorts, shopping bag and a stickerset. The design came from none other than FlyingFörtress, happy belated spring break everyone! Available soon at your local Montana Cans or Lousy Livin dealer,  more after the jump:

Opening | Language of the Wall Exhibition


On August 13th the Exhibition “Language of the Wall” opened at the Pera Museum in Istanbul. The Museum hosts, for the first time in Turkey, an exhibition on one of the art world’s hottest topics – Graffiti and Street Art. Work from America and Europe are exhibited, providing interesting examples examining the concept of ‘graffiti’ and ‘bringing the street to the museum’, as well as creating a platform for discussion and debate… More after the jump.


Language of the Wall Exhibition in Istanbul – first Impressions


The Montana Team is currently on-site at the “Language of the Walls” exhibition of the Pera Museum in Istanbul, Turkey. Curator of this event is Roxane Ayral. She has organized one line-up: ranging from the big boys and girls like Futura, Carlos Mare, Cope 2, JonOne, Tilt, Mist, Psyckoze, Craig Costello (aka KR), Herakut, Logan Hicks, C215, Suiko, Evol and Gaia to the local turkish Graffiti writers Turbo, Wyne, Tabone, Funk and No More Lies, along with selected photographs from the archive of leading artists Martha Cooper, Henry Chalfant and Hugh Holland… More after the jump


SneakerFreaker talks with Atomone & Besser | Interview and mural


The strictly limited Sneaker Freaker x Montana Cans Infra-Red created a nice segue for us to talk to two true German sneaker and graffiti connoisseurs. Lars a.k.a. AtomOne was born in ’72 and is among other things MC of the Too Strong hip hop crew, a busy graffiti artist of more than 25 years and a long-running Montana Cans employee. Niko – also known as Besser – was born in 1975, also grew up in the Ruhr’s graffiti scene and currently runs the first sneaker store in the city of Essen, Sole Hunters. Both of them have been passionate about sneakers for a long time – and to celebrate, they sprayed a piece for Sneaker Freaker on a wall in the centre of their native, former coal-mining area known in Germany as ‘The Pott’. More after the jump:


WALL THERAPY Thurs Progress Update Press Release


ROCHESTER NY, Thur July 24, 2014 – Pressing on through the hot summer sun and occasional rain the WALL\THERAPY mural artists are continuing their week long endeavor to create breathtaking portraits around the Rochester NY area. With 12 artists armed with Montana spray cans, they have been busily adding some much needed color to the city scape. See more images after jump.


Trespass Press x UTAH & ETHER: Finish InterRail Zine


World-renowned graffiti writers UTAH & ETHER take to the road and the rails in Finish InterRail, the premier release from Trespass Press.
The couple is internationally known for being two of the most prolific and cutting-edge artists within the graffiti genre. They have gained global notoriety for their signature vandalistic styles, which can be viewed on the streets, trains and metro systems of over 40 countries, spanning 4 continents. See more images after jump.

Progress on the “Warehouse Mural Project” in Farmville, Virginia


The “Warehouse Mural Project” is currently coming to life in the Historic District of Downtown Farmville, Virginia. Thanks to Longwood for the current feature on the Longwood University website. To the Farmville Herald for the Cover Story.


MontanaCans X Sneaker Freaker


MontanaCans X Sneaker Freaker. From fat-laced Clydes in the 70′s, Air Max’s in the 80′s and ZX’s in the 90′s, the bond between graffiti writers and sneakers is undeniable. That’s why we got in touch with the worlds Nr.1 Sneaker Magazine, “Sneaker Freaker”. We asked them to design a limited edition spraycan for us in honour of their magazine and the heritage of sneakers in graffiticulture.
Sneaker Freaker chose a classic Infra-Red (or Radiant Red to OG Nike heads) as their fluoro hue of choice. See the pictures that speak for themselves and stay tuned for release information.

SOBEKCIS latest works | Video and pictures

The artist duo Sobek and Kcis, better known as SOBEKCIS, sent us a few of their latest works including a really nice video and some pictures which can be found after the jump:

Postitive Propaganda x Cyrcle Mural in Munich

After a good eight months of planning, preparation and communication, for the fourth time Positive-Propaganda e.V. has been able to achieve something that others can only dream of. Together with the artist duo “CYRCLE.” from Los Angeles we have managed to showcase their first large-format artwork in Central Europe on an area of more than 500 m² in just 8 days. See more pictures after the jump: