NUART FESTIVAL 2014. Nuart Plus talks, debates, film screenings and tours , 4th-6th Sept. The Nuart exhibition opens on Saturday 6th September at 1900Hr.
Nuart is an annual international street art festival established in 2001 with a focus exclusively on Street Art since 2005. The Festival is based in Stavanger on the West Coast of Norway. In addition to a multitude of both sanctioned and unsanctioned public art works, Nuart also stages one of the most anticipated exhibitions of the year. More information

Adnate, Smug and Sofles @ Northland Shopping Centre

Northland Shopping Centre has commissioned three leading street artists to create a graphic installation that will showcase the personality of Victoria’s largest Shopping Centre in the North.
The three feature artists include Smug, Adnate and Sofles with the four day large-scale installation commencing tomorrow morning. British talent Smug, who has been hailed globally as one of the world’s most talented photo-realistic street artists, will be teaming up with two of Australia’s leading street artists Adnate and Sofles to collectively design and deliver a unique and ‘North’ inspired graphic. The world first collaboration comes off the back of a new initiative from Northland Shopping Centre which aims to better utilise its key spaces to help showcase local and international talent, as well as support innovative projects and events.

M.A.C in San Francisco 2014 Part 1


Last week the Montana Artist Collective made their yearly gathering in San Francisco to discuss projects for the rest of the year. After a day of meeting and brainstorming project ideas, the Collective hit the city to paint. Wane, Steel, Risk, Dmote, Atom, and Sever spent the following day painting a wall in San Francisco’s Mission District. A lot of fun and laughs were had. Keep an eye out for more actions made by the Montana Artist Collective in the near future… See more images after jump.


Steffen Seeger & Lehrter Siebzen | work in progress


On tuesday we hooked up at Lehrter Siebzen, a temporary open gallery space in Berlin Moabit. German artist Steffen Seeger is currently working there with some extra ordinary tools such as a multiple 50mm Montana ACRYLIC marker “sword”… have a look at this awesome technique and don’t miss the opening if you’re around… more after the jump!


New Montana BLACK Artist Edition: NYCHOS


The next Montana BLACK Artist Edition is ready… watch out – in stores soon!

Just Writing My Name Medan, Indonesia


Even the rain couldn’t stop Indonesian writers from painting this huge wall for the Just Writing My Name event in Medan, Indonesia. More pictures after the jump.


OH INTERESTING / OK GREAT by Steffen Seeger | L17, Berlin


check the upcoming exhibition of Berlin based artist Steffen Seeger “OH INTERESTING / OK GREAT”
LEHRTER SIEBZEHN | Lehrterstr. 17, 10557 Berlin | Opening: 29-08-14 | 7pm

Warsteiner Art Collection 2014 Teaser

In the second edition of the Warsteiner Art Collection, the bottle again becomes the canvas for six renowned international artists. As a continuation of the first Art Collection in 2013, they will join the established crew around Stefan Strumbel, 123Klan, INSA, Aaron De La Cruz, Nychos and Brooke Reidt. The new artists complement the Art Collection with their stylish designs. The look of the newly designed aluminum bottles, however, will remain a secret until the collection’s launch date scheduled for the end of August. For the creation of the Collection only one requirement existed: the aluminum bottle as canvas…more on the Warsteiner Homepage.

Just Writing My Name Palembang, Indonesia


We got some nice pictures from Just Writing My Name event in Palembang, Indonesia. See more pictures after the jump.


JWMN Johannesburg 2014


A few weeks ago Grayscale in Johannesburg South Africa hosted a Just Writing My Name jam on a long wall in Orange Grove. The jam took place over a weekend and was blessed with good weather and even better vibes. Taking part were some young up and coming artists as well as some of Joburg’s most active writers including, Tyke, Fiya, Myza, Rasty, Veronika, Zesta, Love, Curio, Jestr, Rekso, Riot, Trips, Bias and Mars. (Photos courtesy of Grayscale, Cale Waddacor, Mickaela Pereira). See more images after jump.


WALLCOME Festival – Midsession


WALLCOME Festival – Midsession. The urban art festival WALLCOME now enters its third round. Schmalkalden will proudly welcome two internationally renowned artists for the Midsession from 11 to 21 August. For the opening in late June, the German artists ECB and Case (the latter also co-initiator of WALLCOME) presented the Thuringian town with two new ‘inhabitants’ in the shape of mural-portraits. Shortly after, the Polish artist M-City gave a demonstration of stencil art at its finest.  See more images after jump.


No Limit – Street Art Borås 2014 | Sweden


For the first time in history, Sweden will be opening its wall to the first Street-Art mural event No Limit. With more than 10 walls spreading across the city of Borås, No Limit will be turning its city into the first outdoor gallery of its kind in Sweden.  See more at: