SOBEKCIS for Stadt.Wand.Kunst | Mannheim


During the past few days artist-duo SOBEKCIS from Belgrad have been painting a great mural in Mannheim as a part of the Stadt.Wand.Kunst Project. As a participating member of the project MONTANA-CANS was at the scene… more after the jump!  



Berlin based artist Christoph Häßler alias STOHEAD will paint his next mural in Mannheim starting Today. MONTANA-CANS will be there and keep you posted! More information can be found on Stadt.Wand.Kunst! STOHEAD for STADT.WAND.KUNST

44Flavours “ROSA ELEFANT ROSA ELEGANT” at Banana Gallery | Mannheim


You can tell graffiti has a strong impact in their artworks just by looking at their style and technique. Julio Rölle und Sebastian Bagge better known as the duo 44Flavours have been working together for more than 10 years now. Their upcoming exhibition “ROSA ELEFANT ROSA ELEGANT” at the Banana Gallery Mannheim once again proves their skills in improvising and creating art out of every piece of paper, wood or fabric they get ahold of. Get more information after jump.



Shooting for _SECRET WALLS x CASIO_ - 33. _Gorkogo_ park. Moscow 2015

Two weeks ago, 8-9 August, at Faces & Laces 2015, Montana Cans’ paint spilled at Secret Walls x Moscow’s third event this year. Secret Walls are the world’s biggest street-art live battles since 2006 and Montana Cans have supported Secret Walls since their launch in Russia at the beginning of this year. This time four battles took place over two days featuring four artists: ZOMB, KOBR, FORK and GRINO. Congrats to Zomb for wining the final. See more images after jump.




The artist duo SOBEKCIS from Belgrad will paint their next mural in Mannheim starting Monday next week. MONTANA-CANS will be there and keep you posted!
More information can be found on Stadt.Wand.Kunst (in German)… SOBEKCIS for STADT.WAND.KUNST


Over at the Varden Hotel in Long Beach, California, a psychedelic, monochrome mural by artist James Jean and the colorful mural of a line of people filled with colorful graphics by Tristan Eaton next to it attracts stares from passersby. Across town at an apartment building called the Ocean Chateau, artist Cryptik covered its wall with ancient script. On East 4th Street, a mural by the French artist Fafi depicts two of her sassy characters frolicing before a wall of flowers. The streets and walls of the city of Long Beach, California have been transformed into an art gallery, all because of POW! WOW! Long Beach.


POW! WOW! LONG BEACH OFFICIAL RECAP VIDEO. Between June 21st to the 28th in 2015, Long Beach, California became the canvas for art, music and culture with the arrival of POW! WOW! Showcasing the works of Aaron de la Cruz, Fafi, Cryptik, Hueman, Jeff Soto, James Jean, Tristan Eaton, Jeff McMillan, Push, Bumblebee, Low Bros and Madsteez. Watch the official recap video to see it all come together.

Show Your Flow 2015


Show Your Flow 2015 – new graffiti jam by Montana Cans Russia. This year Show Your Flow jam was in the Saint-Petersburg, which was attended by more than 60 artists from Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Rostov-on-Don, and other regions. See more images after jump.




Over the last few weeks a very interesting selection of artists gathered for the MURAL GOES project in The Netherlands. More info can be found here and here Make sure to check out some selected pictures after the jump.


Faces & Laces 2015


FACES & LACES is an annual interactive exhibition project, that is dedicated to the latest connections of actual fashion and streetwear, sports and action sports, visual communications and alternative contemporary art in Moscow with a main focus on subcultures. FACES&LACES takes place in Moscow since 2007 and comes as the biggest event in it’s way on the whole post-soviet territory. FACES&LACES changed the format to the large-scale open-air in 2012. Now it is located in Gorky Park and appears to be one of the most significant city events during the summertime. Exhibition’s main objectives are to expand horizons among the audience,to promote the good taste and healthy lifestyle, to construct direct communication between the subcultures, newcomers, major brands and visitors. See more images after jump.



Philipp Greindl

Dengue Fever is a new body of work from Yok and Sheryo plucked out of their travel journals and sketchbooks from countless adventures in South East Asia. The tropical heat has twisted their perspective resulting in these new works. Experimenting in a new island style colour palette, the feverish warm tones are complimented by the cool blue hues of the ocean. Sheryo is a brooklyn-based singaporean visual/mural artist who startedpainting in the streets in 2005. See more images after jump.

Sobekcis Fundemental Solo Show

Sobekcis Fundemental Solo Show-01

The body of work prepared for Sobekcis ‘Fundamental’ solo exhibition goes along the grain of our fundamental beliefs, inspiration and artistic vision. Through abstraction and with accenting figurative elements portrayed in the work. Our personal views on our surroundings, ethics and personal process. Our visual background and base was developed in the field of graffiti and urban art. The main aesthetic underling our studio work still has strong bonds with the practice and art form of graffiti, embodying and trans- mitting , strong structure, followed by vivid and striking colors. By returning back to Belgrade Serbia and having the opportunity through surroundings and retrospect, we have had an advanced look at our basis, and from where it all started. we take the necessary step backwards in order to make the next step to progress in our work and as individuals. Through the process of creating the ‘Fundamental show’ we have unlocked the next stage in witch we wish to proceed. See more images after jump.