Mural Painting at Benjamin Franklin Village | Mannheim


Benjamin Franklin Village is one of the many US Army barracks that was established in Germany after word war II to house American soldiers staioned in Germany. Now, 60 years later, the geographical interest of the US army have changed and the warzones and military frontiers in general moved. The US army troops have all now been withdrawn and the former United States Army base has been left empty. While the city municipal deals with investors and the citizens that campaign for the future use of this huge compound, the artists Hombre SUK, BoogieSweetuno and Meiner all teamed up to hit what is now described as the “conversion area” with 3 murals on former soldier housing buildings. More after the jump!  


Giant shall rise which is what i was doing with my good friends clog two. They share the same land, water and roots. After years of planning and numerous false hopes of collaborating, finally, these two primates are going giant on a wall again for the second time at Malaysia infamous graffiti land Sg. Klang river wall. As they scale the concrete jungle with their character-based graffiti tactics. Asian chapter going worldwide.

Video editing done by inkandclog studio.


Video teaser for Faces&Laces 2015, it will be on the 8th-9th of August.


MONOCHROME is a series of graffiti videos, all with a black-and-chrome feeling, by Simple short videos featuring one writer and three cans in each episode. One chrome piece on one clean wall by one selected graffiti writer for each episode. This one features copenhagen hero KAOS…

WALL\THERAPY 2015 | Pictures pt1.


WALL\THERAPY 2015 has rolled into town in a cloud of paint, sweat and healing inspiration. All of the participating artists are in town and adding to WALL\THERAPY’s city-wide exhibition with variations upon this year’s theme of surrealism and the fantastic.


Selina Miles presents SOBEKCIS | Belgrade, Serbia 2015

Filmmaker Selina Miles took at trip to Belgrade to visit Sobek & Kcis, Serbian twins who together write graffiti under the name SOBEKCIS.

HIGHLIGHTS TV: Ikaroz painting a mural in Stockholm

Kronobergsgatan 35 is a historic street adress in Stockholm as it has been the only one of its kind where artists have been able to express themselves freely on a large wall’s surface.
This project has been initiated and forth forthdriven by Kollektivet Livet and together with them, the building’s owner Atrium Ljungberg and the Skylift providers Nofa we have started a collaboration and this first one features one of Sweden’s finest, IKAROZ. A graffiti writer with a long experience and unique style that really pushes the art scene forward!


A couple of weeks ago, the LORDS CREW was invited to contribute a painting to the Mural Harbor in Linz, one of Austria’s most innovative spots for Urban Art and muralism.The LORDS (Legends Of Rare Designs), founded in 1986 in San Jose, is a collective of Graffiti artists from California with members in Austria. To strengthen their special connection, austrian crew members FADER, NYCHOS, PHEKT, SHED and SHUE77 invited Graffiti legend Lord QUAKE from San Francisco to paint this large scale mural together with them. ”Lords Of The Red Dragon” is the bursting outcome of a small crew reunion and celebrates the artists’ mutual love to Graffiti.

Imaginary Lines” by Wow123 in the White Nights of Arkhangelsk

Arkhangelsk, Russian Federation – During the first edition of the street art festival “City Canvas” in the city of Arkhangelsk in the Northwestern part of Russia, Wow123 painted a 279 m² masterpiece. From the 10th until the 17th of June – during the so called White Nights with practically daylight around the clock – the picture “Imaginary Lines” was created on a 18m wide and 15,5m high wall. The facade belongs to the building ­of the Artist’s Union of Arkhangelsk (Prospekt Sovetskich Kosmonavtov 178, 163000 Arkhangelsk). It belongs to a series of reasonably big mural paintings influenced by television test images, with whom Wow123 aka Markus Genesius received international acknowledgement. Wow123’s “testimages” could be seen as a symbol of the visuality of the irrelevant space. He deconstructs the TV test image in its graphical elements and fits it together anew with his graffiti styles. During the “City Canvas” festival Markus Genesius also showed students and pupils of the Art School Nr.1 the basics of Graffiti painting, worked together with residential graffiti artists in a graffiti jam and finally rated the best pictures of a sketch-battle.
The latest version of Wow123’s work could be realized in Arkhangelsk with the organizers of the festival, Felix Oldewage (Robert Bosch Stiftung) and Mikhail Treshchev (Design Office “konfeta”).

POW! WOW! Long Beach 2015 Recap


POW! WOW! Long Beach 2015 Recap. Sunny Long Beach, California became the canvas for an extravaganza of art, music and culture with the arrival of POW! WOW! between June 21-28. Playing host to a packed roster of mural painting, exhibitions, talks and screenings, the eight-day event saw the likes of Aaron de la Cruz, Fafi, Cryptik, Hueman, Jeff Soto and more, decking out the city in a flurry of spray paint and creative energy. See more images after jump.

Tristan Eaton at POW! WOW! Long Beach

Tristan Eaton is considered to be one of the most profilic artists and muralists of our time. Follow him and the progress of his latest masterpiece at POW! WOW! Long Beach. Hear him discuss the city, art and his usage of Montana Cans. Directed by Sayer Danforth / Music by Nicholas Kaleikini and the POW! WOW! School of Music

Adnate ‘Could We’ Print Release

Adnate ‘Could We’ Print Release. In September 2013, Adnate was personally invited to visit a community located in an isolated area of the central desert in the Northern Territory of Australia. Led by Indigenous Hip Hop Projects and Katherine West Health Board, it was an incredible experience to join them on their journey. Adnate spent 5 nights with the local indigenous community, Pigeon Hole, also known as Nitjpurru. It was here that Adnate had one of his most important and integral connections with the indigenous peoples of Australia. He experienced first-hand their ancient culture, the immense beauty of their land and the people of Nitjpurru. Get more information after jump.