Secret Walls Moscow 2015

Fujifilm X-Pro 1 Fujifilm XF 35mm f/1.4 R X-Mount

Secret Walls (formerly Secret Wars) is the World’s premier live art battle. Working in a similar way to Fight Club, Secret Walls battles are set up and promoted through word of mouth & social media. Battles take place between 2 individuals, or 2 teams of artists. Secret Walls began back in 2006 in a small bar in East London, it was small, and intimate yet had the potential to be so much more. Years of hard work, dedication and a strong following has meant Secret Walls has pushed the boundaries and raised the bar for artists and promoters alike on an international stage. Secret Walls offers young and aspiring artists a creative platform – allowing them a chance to showcase their work on a global scale, gaining the recognition they deserve. See more images after jump.




Announcing POW!WOWs newest endeavor into the city of Long Beach. Look for new murals in the city between June 21st to the 28th with a week of exhibitions, film screenings and talks. With a Long Beach Museum of Art exhibition opening on June 26th called “Verve and Vitality: Transforming the Urban Landscape” curated by Andrew Hosner of Thinkspace Gallery. Participating artists are Aaron De La Cruz, Cryptik, Fafi, Hannah Stouffer, Hueman, James Jean, Jeff McMillan, Jeff Soto, Low Bros, Madsteez and Nychos. We’ll keep you posted!

15 New Montana GOLD Transparent Colors


The Montana GOLD range now has 15 new transparent color shades to compliment the existing Transparent Black and Transparent White. The new shades enable users to achieve greater visual depth and tonal variation. Also perfect in combination with colors close to the transparent tone, to achieve simple or complex gradient shifts and give dimension. Apply thinly or in multiple layers for perfect fading or shadows. See more after the jump!


DFS and POW! WOW! Video

During the month of February in 2015, DFS and POW! WOW! collaborated on a unique pop up shop at the Waikiki T Galleria. It was aimed towards promoting locally based brands and educating tourists on the unique culture of Hawaii. This is the video documenting that journey. DFS and POW! WOW! Video



Last friday the German, Hamburg-based artist Moritz GOLDEN GREEN visited our hometown to open his soloshow “PHANTASMAGORIE” at the WOW pop up Gallery in Heidelberg. Of course we have been there, too! More after the jump! GOLDEN GREEN’s “PHANTASMAGORIE” Show | Opening Review



Film maker Angel Toren sent us this nice clip titled “SAME | Fulemptiness”. Press play!

GOLDEN GREEN Solo Exhibition | 17th of April at WOW Gallery, Heidelberg


Moritz – Golden Green is best known for his unique Graffiti aesthetic. The artist encrypts the typical stylistic elements into a language of its own – a retro futuristic universe full of surreal characters, refined constructed letters and flickering shapes in bright pastel colors. More after the jump! GOLDEN GREEN Solo Exhibition | 17th of April at WOW Gallery, Heidelberg


Grafficon Graffiti Jam in Brno | Czechia


This year’s first huge graffiti jam from Grafficon Graffiti Shop will take place in Brno, Czechia, this saturday April 18, 2015.  You are all welcome to join the event from 12:00am. For reservation please send a email to

AEROSOLS-Book is releasing soon | preview


AEROSOLS is the first book dedicated to European spray paint cans. After giving a brief historical summary, it presents color photos of nearly 200 different spray paint cans from across Europe, made in the years from 1965 to 1999 and featuring contributions from several international collectors. Leaf through the varied visual world of spray paint with original cans, advertisements, color charts, and more. See more after jump.


STOHEAD | La mort d’ écriture | Opening Review


Last saturday we hooked up at the new banana pop up gallery in Mannheim to join STOHEAD’s solo show “La mort d’ écriture”. In the current exhibition Berlin-based artist Christoph Häßler shows some of his latest abstract typography artworks. More after the jump! STOHEAD | La mort d’ écriture | Opening Review  

REVOK – Presented by House Beer

An intimate portrait of Revok as he prepares for his solo show in Los Angeles and talks candidly about maturation as an artist.

Jeroo testing the new Montana GOLD Transparent Colors


Last weekend we visisted the German based Artist Chris Ganter alias Jeroo in his studio in Stuttgart where he testesd the new Montana GOLD Transparent colors on one of his aluminium leightweight canvas plates. Jeroo combines several techniques in his work. On the canvas plate he used several colors of Montana GOLD including the new Transparents, Montana BLACK as well as ACRYLIC Marker paint. See more here.