MontanaCans X Sneaker Freaker


MontanaCans X Sneaker Freaker. From fat-laced Clydes in the 70′s, Air Max’s in the 80′s and ZX’s in the 90′s, the bond between graffiti writers and sneakers is undeniable. That’s why we got in touch with the worlds Nr.1 Sneaker Magazine, “Sneaker Freaker”. We asked them to design a limited edition spraycan for us in honour of their magazine and the heritage of sneakers in graffiticulture. The Australian portion of the Sneaker Freaker team chose a classic Infra-Red (or Radiant Red to OG Nike heads) as their fluoro hue of choice. See the pictures that speak for themselves and stay tuned for release information.

MontanaCans X Sneaker FreakerBLACK 400ML Infra Red

SOBEKCIS latest works | Video and pictures

The artist duo Sobek and Kcis, better known as SOBEKCIS, sent us a few of their latest works including a really nice video and some pictures which can be found after the jump:

Postitive Propaganda x Cyrcle Mural in Munich

After a good eight months of planning, preparation and communication, for the fourth time Positive-Propaganda e.V. has been able to achieve something that others can only dream of. Together with the artist duo “CYRCLE.” from Los Angeles we have managed to showcase their first large-format artwork in Central Europe on an area of more than 500 m² in just 8 days. See more pictures after the jump:


Cantwo x AtomOne | Hip Hop Dome 2014


Cantwo x AtomOne | Hip Hop Dome 2014. Recently at the Hip Hop Dome Graffiti Jam in Bondy (near Paris), amongst many other well known and esteamed local writers, the Montana Artists Collective
artists Atom one and Can 2 were invited to come and strut their stuff to represent the Stick Up Kids crew. Check out the results after the jump.



THE MODERN THINKER by Aske. Moscow based artist Dmitri Aske aka Sicksystems was painting a big mural in the city of Mannheim in July. The 28-year-old artist was invited by MONTANA-CANS in cooperation with the Alte Feuerwache Mannheim and the GBG, as well as the project Mannheim2020 initiative. Well known for his excellent graphic artworks the Russian graffiti artist started to paint some huge mural productions in Russia a while ago. More images can be found on Montana’s blog:
The artist’s website at:



Tony Yeboah House | Video

A house perfectly positioned near Frankfurt’s Niederrad station (in Frankfurt Germany), has become a symbol for tolerance. The project in the form of a massive public mural, was conceived by Visual Communications students and football fans to send a message promoting peaceful co-existance. The mural tells the story of a German national soccer league champion and two-time top scorer, Anthony Yeboah who was fiercely discriminated against due to his skin color. The painting process was divided into two steps. First the quote “Wir schämen uns für alle, die gegen uns schreien ” (we feel ashamed of all who scream against us) was painted on the wall. The next step was a portrait of the portrait of the footballer painted transparently over the quote. More also on the projects page.



While WALL\THERAPY heals cities through art, its sister initiative, IMPACT! (IMProving Access to Care by Teleradiology), does its healing by setting up diagnostic imaging sites in developing countries. The connection between art and the medical philanthropy is imagery. Street murals enhance life. Medical X-ray imagery preserves it. Both entities are housed under the Synthesis Collaborative, a 501(c)(3) public charity incorporated in New York State. The organization raises funds to set up teleradiology services within these developing communities and grow a network of volunteer radiologists around the world. These doctors use cloud computing to access images, interpret them and recommend treatment. As a result, afflictions that are commonly misdiagnosed, or missed entirely, are properly diagnosed, saving countless lives. Artists travel to these communities as well, improving life with inspirational murals. See more images after jump.


Lush and Dscreet – Patrick Swayze Graff Game

Lush and Dscreet teamed up in Amsterdam to make this film about Bodhi, cus Bodhi rules! Lush is currently driving a converted boxtruck mobile gallery through Europe and doing shows whereever he can find free parking. Check the site to find out where hes at:

Veteran graffiti artist RISK on his evolving art form

For more than 30 years, Los Angeles-based artist RISK has made the world his canvas, creating colorful murals on everything from highway overpasses — known as “heavens” — to dilapidated buildings, walls, trains and buses. See more images after jump.




A few weeks ago German Graffiti Artist RUSL was invited at the Frame Festival in Wolsztyn, Poland. “Beside the graft thing I really enjoy the polish people and their hospitality. Thank you for the city of Wolsztyn and the Organisators for making this happen.” RUSL. See more images after jump.



ACRYLIC SESSION WITH MAX BIRKL. MONTANA-CANS, NOVACANE Store Berlin and Berlin Boombox teamed up to have an awesome instore Live Painting Session with the German illustrator and artist Max Birkl. A selection of beautiful works from Max Birkl, an illustrator and graphic designer from Augsburg, Germany was also shown. Max was painting a Montana Boombox and also proofed his live painting skills on the stores shop windows…

Stalemate, Multi & Tomar

“Street. Lamp” is collaborative work of two graffiti artists IgorMulti and SashaTomar from Stalemate collective. Artwork was supported by Montana-Cans. See more images after jump.