Nychos in Miami


As the year winds down, the artwork in Miami heats up. Art Basel is a magnet to many and this year Nychos got things popping with this magnificant Flamingo design. Featured on a bright pink building, the artwork definatly captures the flavour of it’s surrounds. See more after the jump.


Berlin DBL TRBL Show | Urban Spree

DUBL TRUBL formed like Voltron in Berlin and blew things up. Gallery show, Concert and Montana threw in some squirt for big raps pray murals on the Urban Spree Gallery plus some street scribbles with the riff raff, all documented in Impossible film analogue goodness. Starring the DUBL TRUBL mandem on road with music provided by Civil Civic, Chips For The Poor and Der Sultan Katzorke.

JEROO “New Frontiers” at Rabbit Eye Movement Art Space


Stuttgart-based artist Jeroo began painting graffiti at the age of twelve. Working without a mentor, Jeroo learned everything he could about spray-painting by himself. This allowed him to develop a fresh, distinct style, which is mainly characterized by combining Graffiti with influences like Art Nouveau. After fifteen years of writing graffiti, Jeroo began creating characters on canvas. Using spray cans, he began to incorporate concrete shapes into his work, developing a special technique of taping to create exact angles and shapes. The result is a mesmerizing hybrid vision where fantastic creatures emerge from a world of letters.

New Frontiers” features works that reveal Jeroo’s dedication to his self-taught craft, displaying a singular sense of personal aesthetic as expressed through unusual perspectives. By combining his graffiti background with new found explorations in style and medium, Jeroo truly is scaling new frontiers in this exhibition.

RABBIT EYE MOVEMENT Art Space | Gumpendorferstrasse 91 | 1060 Wien


The line up features writers from all over Germany and Switzerland. Activities during the KUNSTANCHT are focussed on the reconnaissance of graffiti art and include a continued discussion on the artistic perception of style writing and figurative painting. Artists: RUSL, HOMBRE, JEROO, DREIST, DATER, SATE, GEKO, QUIKNOW and ARES. See more images after jump.




There is another great exhibition by Futura, currently on view at Shchusev State Museum of Architecture in Moscow, through which the eclectic artist explores the passage of time via personal channels and impressions. The show is suitably entitled Timewarp, signifying the conceptual background of the artist’s series. See more images after jump.



The Exchange – Dater and Raws painted each others name in two different towns. Dater painted in Koblenz and Raws painted in Berlin. Enjoy! See more images after jump.


BERLIN BOOMBOX launches Artist Edition


BERLIN BOOMBOX fans can look forward to a very special limited edition of the smartphone speaker: as of today the BERLIN BOOMBOX Artist Edition is commercially available. Four absolute favorite artists of BERLIN BOOMBOX maker Axel Pfaender were responsible for the design: the internationally known illustrators Jeremyville from NYC, Rob Flowers from London, Golden Green from Germany and LouLou and Tummie from Netherlands were asked to design one each BERLIN BOOMBOX. These were then produced in a limited edition of 200-300 pc. (All signed and numbered by the artists) and are available for 99 Euros via See more images after jump.


Graffiti Burger Jam in Saudi Arabia

Graffiti Burger jam is an event made By dhad store , combined the talented graffiti artist with the great chef Ali tunkar.

FLYING FÖRTRESS “Will Spray For Good” @ AFFENFAUST Hamburg


Flying Förtress will show his current exhibition „Will spray for good“ from 08.11.2012 till 29.11.2014 at Affenfaust Gallery. Although he have had numerous group shows, his first and last solo show in Hamburg is already eight years ago. Back then an away game for the munich based artist in Vicious Gallery , the current exhibition is now a home game as it drew him in 2007 to Hamburg.  More detail:  or facebook event:

Yok & Sheryo bring Nasty Goreng Show to LA


Sheryo and Yok working away on a new solo-duo show at Superchief gallery in down town LA, opening November 8th. The show has a combination of work made in indonesia, with original drawings and work made at the gallery in LA. Come down to 739 Kohler st to treat your eyeballs to Nasty Goreng LA style, and have some beers with us. See more images after jump.


Watch Our Space Johannesburg 2014

The Watch Our Space project is based at Six Brixton on Somerleyton Road in Brixton,London. Recently we took a trip to Johannesburg and teamed up with Grayscale Concepts to create artwork with young people and transform their surroundings as part of the City Of Gold Urban Art Festival. Working with found materials we did workshops in Jeppestown at the Bjala building and Orlando, Soweto.
For more information check out our blog at

Futura’s Chinese Kinetics


Biggest stars make the biggest waves, and Futura’s crest seems to be holding its position for decades. On November 1st, 2014, one of the legends of street art, an abstractionist among the letter-makers, opened a show at Magda Danysz Gallery in Shanghai. Entitled “Kinetic Action”, the entire show was created in the Chinese megalopolis, through a powerful, energized action painting process.  See more images after jump.