NYCHOS ”Dissection of a polar bear” | Vienna 2015

Dissecting a polar bear is a 4 day mission – at least that’s what NYCHOS proved last week in Vienna. As part of the 10 year anniversary weeks of Rabbit Eye Movement and right before the world premiere of The Deepest Depths of the Burrow Nychos spray-painted a giant polar bear on a 24 meter wall. So far, it’s his largest mural in his home town Vienna.

Typography workshop | “BRAIN+HEART” Hochschule Mannheim


From May 8th to May 10th, 2015 the Faculty of Design from the Hochschule Mannheim presented the best works of their young designers. Many interesting projects were displayed at the exhibition with the motto »BRAIN+HEART«, ranging from photography, typography up to Corporate Design and Digital Media. The opening speeches on May 7th were given by the professor of illustration Thomas Duttenhoefer and and Ian Spehr, an expert in the field of visual marketing and brand strategy from Stuttgart. See more images after jump.


Tuff Crew and friends in Hamburg

The guys from Tuff Crew recently travelled to Hamburg for meeting a bunch of local heroes and of course to paint some walls. Enjoy the short video recap theyve sent us!

Variety of (N)one by Clemens Behr


Mirus Gallery is pleased to present the first U.S. solo show from Berlin-based artist Clemens Behr in Variety of (N)one. Using materials gathered from an extensive remodel of the 540 Howard Street compound, Behr will exhibit large-scale installations, sculpture, assemblage, collage, and new paintings created during a one month residency at Mirus Gallery. The opening reception will be held on Saturday, May 16, from 6 to 10 PM, and will be on view through June 13, 2015. See more images after jump.


STEEL & REYES in San Francisco

From painting to pizza, San Fransisco has got it all. And no one knows this better then locals Steel and Reyes. Check out their latest SF adventures and let them wet your appetites for colour and culinary delights.

“DISPLACED THOUGHTS”- Exhibition by Herakut + aptART + Friends


Herakut and aptART are pleased to present DISPLACED THOUGHTS, a collection of paintings, photographs and installations highlighting the work of individuals and organizations across the Middle East, Europe and Africa. Humanity is experiencing an unprecedented rise in the movement of goods, information, capital, and people from place to place around the world. An estimated 51.2 million people are forcibly displaced due to persecution, conflict, generalized violence, or human rights violations. Conflict and globalization are mixing the world into a state of existence unimagined by past generations. Humanity is confronted with ideas of terrorism and fear, contradicting cultures and diverse religious beliefs. At a time of extreme change it is more vital than ever for humans think on a global scale of equality. At the foundations of equality is allowing platforms for people to express and exchange ideas. Through the work of individuals and organizations DISPLACED THOUGHTS provides a platform for ideas and insights into the conflicts and refugee crises currently affecting humanity. The exhibition explores the placement of resources, intentions and perspectives from individuals as well as international media, aid agencies and governments. While raising difficult issues, the art inspires optimism for a new generation, one that is not divided by ignorance but unified by respect for humanity.

The opening reception will be Saturday, May 16th, 2015 from 6-10 PM, and is free and open to the public for viewing through May 30th, 2015, at Bülowstr. 97, 10738 Berlin, GERMANY (Studio and Workspace of Urban Nation)

Peace, Paint and Skateboarding

Skateboarding and art allow Palestinian youth living behind the West Bank separation wall to connect with a borderless community. Skating and painting take kids beyond barriers with the opportunity to define themselves not only as Palestinians but also as skaters and artists. This project was made possible by a dedicated team of local/international volunteers and a ferocious group of kids with the support of SOS-Kinderdorf, Skate-aid, aptART, Kaynouna Art Therapy, DHL and Montana Cans.

§PLASH – RULES OF VANDALISM – Exhibition by Moses & Taps™


At first, when graffiti was new and independent, the people who started it were creative. Not bound by rules or codes, they where fascinated and free to create. The freedom of expression that the pioneers of the artistic movement had, lasted as long as more people joined the movement. Like in any other cultural movements, created by a man, rules started to appear, graffiti stopped to develop and creativity started to decrease. See more after jump.




Established by the Munich illustrator and graffiti writer Flying Förtress, who has been living and working in Hamburg since 2007 and has gained world renown for work including his “Teddy Troopers”, the Jukebox Cowboys (JBCB) combine classic graffiti on freight and passenger transportation with elaborate avant-gardist concept walls, as well as extravagant street bombings and tags. See more images after jump.


Hello my name is – German Graffiti

Hello my name is – German Graffiti: A 60 minutes documentary about the variety and quality of an art form which often manages to overcome the borders of legality. The documentary “Hello my name is – German Graffiti” gives an authentic exploration into the variety and quality of German Graffiti in all of it’s various disciplines.  Through 15 short profiles, the viewer is introduced to some of the greatest and most outstanding artists in the German graffiti community who give insights into their work and speak in depth about their motivations and intentions… more after the jump!


New DOURONE‘S MURAL at Playa Vista, West Side LA


DOURONE, Spanish artist currently based in Paris keeps on collaborating with DO ART FOUNDATION. This time on the West Side of Los Angeles, more precisely at Playa Vista. The main wall is over 15 meters high and spreads out about 30 meters long. A semi-opened cube on his forehead completes the work ” Extinción ” made in color and black and white throughout. The area will be launched very soon and will be open to the public. Pics by Phil Sanchez. See more images after jump.


New Peanuts presents Rookie The Weird

Don’t the kids just grow up so fast. On the 11th of March, 2015 “New Peanuts Dortmund” was celebrating its first Birthday. On top of the usual Nightshopping, spiced up with sappy birthday discounts, we have had a very special surprise waiting for you. “New Peanuts Dortmund” is morphing into a Streetwear Design Gallery Shop. Behind all these words is a simple but catching idea. Theyre linking Streetwear with Culture, Fashion with Art, Interest with Passion and New Peanuts Dortmund with “Art is just a four Letter Word”. The Gallery will continue to regularly expose the work of changing Artists. Aspiring to live up to his name, “Rookie the weird” will be kicking things off. In his work he reflects his environment in a humorous almost mocking way. He emphasizes everyday situations while maintaining a smooth and unapparent stance. Rather than pointing a finger at someone, his critique is conveyed through Lowbrow Art and Popsurrealism.