The Long Tomorrow two-man show by Dmitri Aske and Alexey Luka

The Long Tomorrow

The Long Tomorrow two-man show by Dmitri Aske and Alexey Luka opened in Moscow, Russia as part of the Artmossphere Street Art Biennale.
A two-man show by Dmitri Aske and Alexey Luka, talented Russian artists with a strong graffiti background, was held on in September in Pechersky Gallery in Moscow, Russia, as part of the Artmossphere Street Art Biennale. Dmitri Aske presented his new body of work consisting of a series of eight plywood reliefs made in his unique manner and four canvases inspired by science fiction, while Alexey Luka showcased new semiabstract asseblages and canvases. The works were on display on 9-29 September. See more images after jump.


Inside Rockenberg — Art in a Youth Prison

DRAW A LINE curated a rather uncommon art project inside prison walls last year. Roids (London), Horfèe & Ken Sortais (Paris), SatOne (Munich), Score & Fence (Berlin) were invited to paint the inner walls of JVA Rockenberg together with the inmates. The film features footage of participating artists, inmates and the prison director. We invite you to find out more about the project and the challenges we all had to face. The main idea behind this project was that the young inmates should get a chance to understand that people who live outside the prison walls have goals, that the inmates could actually experience how they work and learn directly from the artists about their view on life. During the week meaningful and inspiring conversations between the artists and the inmates took place. See more images after jump.


Hawaiian Airlines x POW! WOW! x Fitted: Ground Service Vehicle Project

Hawaiian Airlines tasked POW! WOW! and Fitted to give their ground service vehicles a new look. Follow the process that was undertaken to make this unique project a reality.

Nuart festival presents Ocean Art featuring M-City

Possibly the craziest Street Art related project of the year just happened in Norway as part of the renowned Nuart Festival. A ship was tackled by M-City, leading international stencil artist, then christened and launched as Ocean Art. Is this the largest floating artwork out there?

IAM1UP Exhibition at Urban Spree Berlin


From the 3rd September to 14th September 2014, Urban Spree Gallery presented the first solo show and book release of the iconic Kreuzberger & world-famous graffiti crew ONE UNITED POWER. The show is also the occasion for the crew to publish their first book “I AM 1UP”, 140 pages of pictures from their private archives, self-published, full of behind-the-scenes action, an exceptional volume that is poised to become a milestone in graffiti documentation in the first decade of the 21st century. See more images after jump.


Add More Colors @ HX Festival 2014 (Helsingborg, Sweden)

Watch some of their amazing artists paint (literally) everything between heaven and earth. Artists: David Walker, Sofles, TELMO MIEL, Valentina Sforzini, Wild Drawing, Adry del Rocio, Jimmy Skize, Tim Timmey, Chemis, Tony Cuboliquido and Vera Bugatti.


The next Montana BLACK Artist Edition is ready… awesome design by NYCHOS – chosen color shade is Kidney. Video clip by Christian Fischer. More info about the BLACK ARTIST EDITION at

The Burning of Kingston | Video

Earlier this month, Mass Appeal teamed up with Red Bull to host The Burning of Kingston, a competition between some of graffiti’s most masterful when it comes to the “burner.” The competition’s participants included “Team Terrible” (Doc TC-5, T-Kid, Dero, and Dmote) and “the Spice Boys” (Ces, Bio, Doves, and Ribs). Despite the falling rain, the artists showed up to show and prove. Delivering an array of styles, letterforms, caricatures, and more, the artists truly made the first inaugural event a time to remember. Hit the video player up top to join Mass Appeal’s Sacha Jenkins for a little history lesson and to watch the battle unfold. Did “Team Terrible “come out on top or did “Spice Boys” come with the fuego? Supprted by MONTANA-CANS, and the Kingston Trolley Museum of New York. More images here The Burning of Kingston | Video


We‘re proud to share URBAN NATION’s latest venture supported by MONTANA-CANS with you: Project M/5. The enitre Project was curated by Roland Henry and VNA Magazine and it ended up being quite the lineup: Mark Lyken, Ben Frost, Pam Glew, Will Barras, Eine, Steff Plaetz, Nick Walker, O. Two, Sickboy, Xenz, Sheone. More to see in our previous post:

New MONTANA-CANS Notebook portrait


Offering even more then we originally planned, the notebook is now a hardcover book with a beautiful linnen lining featuring a discrete MONTANA-CANS type logo. The notebook consists of 96 checkered pages and measures 14cm wide x 18cm high and 1.5cm deep. An elastic band attached to the rear cover enables the book to be held shut, or pages to be marked for fast access to working areas. With an aesthetic lime green inner bind, the book also has a pocket on the rear cover for bussiness cards or storage.



Nuart is an annual international street art festival established in 2001 with a focus exclusively on Street Art since 2005. The Festival is based in Stavanger on the West Coast of Norway. In addition to a multitude of both sanctioned and unsanctioned public art works, Nuart also stages one of the most anticipated exhibitions of the year. Check out a selection of this years citywide street works and indoor works. See more images after jump.


Grassroots Project…


This wall is part of grassroots project by Guido van Helton, Stefan Oli and filmmaker Ari Rannveigarson to paint and document the placement of street art in Greenland, a community previously untouched by the Art form on this scale. ‘Poo?ojorteq’ the hunter was painted from a photograph of him in the remote East Greenland settlement of Ammassalik in 1906. This wall was painted on Blok 5 of the controversial housing Bloks in Nuuk, built in the 1950′s in an attempt by the Danish government to rapidly modernise Greenlandic society and its Inuit population. Through the closing down of social services in the remote settlements a proud hunter gathering society was essentially forcibly moved into these urban Blok’s to work industrial jobs in the city. This rapid change from traditional cultural practices over 1 generation resulted in high rates of suicide, alcoholism, murder and many other social problems. Many of the Bloks are now in so far need of repair with problems with mould and poisonous building materials. The painting of these walls although just a face value seemed to re-raise what seemed like an endless discussion on the living conditions and maintenance of these houses. See more after the jump..