Just Writing My Name in Maia, Portugal

We got some nice pictures from Just Writing My Name event in Maia, Portugal. See more images after jump.


Bonzai in Jakarta | Graffiti Jam & Exhibition


On the second leg of his Indonesian journey, UK artist Bonzai went to Jakarta to participate in a local Jam as well as an exhibition in collaboration with “Drips and Drops” who co-ordinated his program. As per the Bandung part of his journey, Bonzai didn’t fail to impress the locals with his large array of styles and skills. Check out the images after the jump.


MontanaCans now available at DripsnDrops | Jakarta Indonesia


DripsnDrops open the next store in Jakarta. See more images after jump.




After a short break the Meeting of Styles returned to Antwerp, Belgium. The organization Aerosolkings did a great job and make sure you check out some dope walls after the jump.


Graffiti Jam in Leeuwarden, Netherland


Check out a some walls that were made during a little get-together in Leeuwarden, organized by people from Videokring. See more images after jump.


Dmitri Aske’s ‘The Riders’ in Moscow


After 11 days of intense painting Dmitri Aske has finished a 11x34m mural under a bridge right next to a bike pump track in Moscow, Russia. This huge, 374sqm, wall is the biggest street work made by the Russian artist so far. The mural’s name ‘The Riders’ refers to the bike riders who come to the track every day to train or just to have fun. The painting was made as a part of the Moscow Artmossphere Street Art Biennale. See more images after jump.


Just Writing My Name Koblenz, Germany 2014

We got some nice pictures from Just Writing My Name event in Koblenz, Germany. Artists: Ace, ZSone, Moter, Intro, Panik, Sermon, Sker, Hifi, Stan, Chas, Asia, Flash, Esha, Tyler, Can2, Plaque, Nask, Phetone, Monkey, Rusl, Raws, StereoHeat, Dater and Nilko. See more images after jump.


Bonzai in Bandung, Indonesia..


Legendary UK artist Bonzai of the “Infamous Last Words” crew recently went on tour to Indonesia to assist the locals on strengthening their local graffiti culture and show them a little about how UK graffiti artist do their thing. In true Bonzai fashion he shell shocked them with his signiture style. Check out what happened while he was in Bandung.


COLOURS UNITE charity event in Valkenswaard, Netherland


Check out some nice canvasses that were auctioned during the Colours Unite charity event. See more images after jump.


KINGS OF COLORS event in Den Bosch, Netherland


Another successful edition of KINGS OF COLORS was held in Den Bosch. Check out their website for updates and make sure you check out some of the dope walls that were painted, after the jump.


City Of Gold pt. 2


“Here’s some progress pics from the City Of Gold Urban Art Festival. All the artists including Wane, Mr Dheo, Solo One, Curio, Rekso, Mars, Myza and others have been painting multiple walls around the city of Joburg. Look out for pics of the completed walls coming soon… See more images after jump.

URBAN NATION PM6 curated by Jonathan LeVine Gallery


Don’t miss the next URBAN NATION PM6/ One Wall Pop Up Show curated by Jonathan LeVine Gallery. Opening Reception on Saturday, October 25th at Bülowstaße 97, Berlin Schöneberg
URBAN NATION PM6 curated by Jonathan LeVine Gallery