MONOCHROME is a series of graffiti videos, all with a black-and-chrome feeling, by Simple short videos featuring one writer and three cans in each episode. One chrome piece on one clean wall by one selected graffiti writer for each episode.

David Walker in Nancy, France

Watch David Walker lay the foundations for the beginning of the first ever legal mural in Nancy. The project started with a 13 x 10 meter wall in an ideal urban location. The city located in the East of France has formed a partnership with the Mathgoth gallery and several artists, bringing their neighbourhoods to life.

Imaginary Lines / Wow123 | Markus Genesius

Imaginary Lines_Wow123_Markus Genesius-05

 WOW123 recently travelled to Archangelsk, far north russia to paint a 168 sqm wall. More pictures after the jump:




LORDS MURAL IN LINZ | BUBBLE DAYS 2015. Since the end of May, the harbor of Linz in Austria has transformed into one of the largest outdoor galleries in the country. This has all taken place in preparation for the Bubble days festival, which we have the privilege of supporting. The international artist-collective „Lords Crew“ (Legens of Rare Designs) have designed a mural with about 500 sqm. A snakelike covered in graffiti tags, stretches across the entirety of the mural. What a great addition to the growing Bubble Days gallery in Linz! See more images after jump.

Greetings From… Vintage Postcard Inspired Cross Country Mural Tour

Montana Cans has teamed up with Mural artist, Victor Ving, and photographer, Lisa Beggs, in support of their cross-country road trip in a RV creating interactive murals that will become future landmarks. The ‘Greetings From’ tour seeks to create public art that will capture the pride of local residents for their hometowns and spark the interest of visitors and tourists. The two artists will travel to select cities throughout the United States for at least a year painting murals inspired by vintage large-letter postcards. Fore more visit:



STANDING TOGETHER WITH REFUGEES | WORLD REFUGEE DAY 2015. On June 20th 2015 the world pays tribute to the resilience of refugees. As we celebrate World Refugee Day 2015, we stand in solidarity with all of humanity regardless of passports, religion, ethnicity, or refugee status. To commemorate the struggle and strength of refugees, Sudanese, Somali, Iraqi and Syrian refugees joined together with Jordanian and German artists, AKUT and Suhaib to paint the UNHRC registration center and head quarters in Jordan. See more after jump.


Montana BLACK “The Mescaline Formula” by FORM76

Montana BLACK “The Mescaline Formula” by FORM76. “When the going gets weird, the weird turn professional.“ – Hunter S. Thompson. These words describe perfectly the mind altering addition of FORM76 to our Montana BLACK artist series in its 5th edition. See more images after jump.


Adnate – Into The Sun

Adnate – Into The Sun. In his first solo exhibition in Sydney, the scale of his imagery has shrunk to the gallery wall, yet the power of his vision has intensified. His friends from his travels in the remote Indigenous communities have become evocative metaphors of reconciliation and understanding what is at the heart of Indigenous culture. See more images after jump.


Good Guy Boris “Zona Cultura” | Sofia, Bulgaria

Good Guy Boris has returned to Bulgaria to take part in this last edition of the annual contemporary and culture festival “ZONA CULTURA”. Boris has been invited to perform on a bus stop and to paint a whole-tram that will run trough the city center of the capital for one year.

Zeus40 for MontanaCans | Naples, Italy

Zeus40 from Naples, italy, did this nice video in collaboration with us. More pictures you can find after the jump:

Step in the Arena 2015 | Eindhoven


The guys from Dynamo  hosted another great edition of STEP IN THE ARENA. The impressive line up resulted into a selection of interesting paintings. Check out some pictures after the jump.




The PLATOON KUNSTHALLE, an unconventional art space in Berlin, is designed as an experimental space for artists and creatives. Beyond hosting art projects, workshops, and events within the scope of club culture, subcultural networks and global movements the venue in the center of Germany’s capital also presents a multitude of creative and artistic projects which are quite different from other, more conservative art institutions. World renowned artist and Steffen Seeger is a part of the network of art visonaries and artists behind this independently operating unit.