How to refill - Montana ACRYLIC Empty Markers

Our Montana Acrylic Markers or Empty Markers can be easily refilled with our 25ml and 180ml refill ink options or replacement tips – leaving you with thousands of variations to mix individual color choices and stroke widths. Please ensure to follow the guideline below, while leaving in the mixing balls and not overfilling the markers to ensure optimized ink flow and results.



(Picture 01) / All Montana ACRYLIC Markers are refillable. Empty marker bodies are also available. (Picture 02) / To refill an ACRYLIC Marker screw left to open the marker body. (Picture 03) / Remove the upper part with the tip / head of the marker.



(Picture 04) / Remove the valve system. Use your finger nail or a pallette knife to remove it slowly. (Picture 05) / Once the valve system is removed the marker is ready to refill. (Picture 06) / Use an 25ml or 180ml ACRYLIC color of your choice and squeeze slowly the paint into the opend marker.



(Picture 07) / Due to the special dispensers refill process can be done easily and clean. (Picture 08) / Put the valve system back on the marker and press it tight. Don‘t fill the marker completely. (Picture 09) / Screw right to close the marker properly.



(Picture 10) / Now start slowly pushing the tip up and down to pump. (Picture 11) / We recommend to use a testing surface. Now enjoy painting!