Montana GLASS PAINT 250ml

Das MONTANA GLASSPAINT auf Nitro-Acryl-Kombinationslackbasis, trocknet nach dem Auftragen halbtransparent und matt. Erältlich in neun verschiedenen Farben und eignet sich hervorragend für Schatten- oder Frosteffekte auf gläsernen...
  • 9
  • Low-Pressure
  • Matte finish
  • Nitro-Acryl-Combi
  • 250ml
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Das MONTANA GLASSPAINT auf Nitro-Acryl-Kombinationslackbasis, trocknet nach dem Auftragen... mehr
Produktinformationen "Montana GLASS PAINT 250ml"
Color Shades: 9
Valve System: Low-Pressure
Gloss Level: Matte finish
Lacquer Base: Nitro-Acryl-Combi
Content: 250ml

Das MONTANA GLASSPAINT auf Nitro-Acryl-Kombinationslackbasis, trocknet nach dem Auftragen halbtransparent und matt. Erältlich in neun verschiedenen Farben und eignet sich hervorragend für Schatten- oder Frosteffekte auf gläsernen Untergründen wie Fenstern, Flaschen oder Vasen.

Je mehr Schichten aufgetragen werden, desto stärker wird der Effekt! Perfekt für DIY- und Kreativanwendungen, für praktische Anwendungen wie das Glasieren von Fensterglas, um Bereiche mit mehr Privatsphäre (Milchglas) zu erschaffen oder um einfach den Lichteinfall zu variieren. Die MONTANA GLASS PAINT wird in einer einfach zu handhabenden 250 ml großen Dose geliefert und auf fast jedes Glasobjekt aufgetragen werden. sie deckt gleichmäßig mit dem standardmäßig auf der Dose mitgelieferten Medium Flat Jet ab.

Die MONTANA GLASSPAINT ist lichtecht, kratzfest und fusselfest. Dank schneller Trocknung und guter Haftung sind die Einsatzmöglichkeiten auf Glas vielfältig und beinahe unbegrenzt.



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Are Montana GLASS PAINT 250ml colors the same as normal colors?

Montana GLASS PAINT 250ml semi transparent colors in a matte finish that are ideally used on glass-based materials. Once applied to glass, the light passing through the painted object appears to take on the color that has been applied.

Do the Montana GLASS PAINT 250ml colors have the same finish as normal Montana colors?

The GLASS PAINT 250ml colors in comparison to normal opaque Montana Cans color formulations are a greater mix of clear coat and paint vehicle in relation to the amount of pigment. The finish grade can be described as matte or frosted.

How do I prepare a glass surface to use Montana GLASS PAINT 250ml colors on it?

The GLASS PAINT 250ml colors work best on clean and dry glass surfaces. remove dust, oils and fat with window cleaner and ensure the surface is completely dry before application. Make sure the can is shaken for at least 3 minutes before use and avoid application in wet or humid environments.

How long does Montana GLASS PAINT 250ml take to dry?

At 20°and 50% humidityMontana GLASS PAINT 250ml takes 3-5 minutes to become dust dry, 1 hour to become touch dry and 24 hours to be completely cured and hardened.

Can I apply multiple coats of Montana GLASS PAINT 250ml?

It is possible to apply as many coats of Montana GLASS PAINT 250ml as desired. The more coats applied, the less light can pass through the color. In this way you can manipulate the amount of light passing through your glass and the appearance of the color as it appears out the other side.

Are Montana GLASS PAINT 250ml colors lightfast or UV resistant?

Montana GLASS PAINT 250ml colors are as light fast and UV resistant as possible for a transparent paint that actively allows light to pass through it. Montana GLASS PAINT 250ml colors contain premium grade European pigments and have UV blockers in their clear coat mixture.

Can I use Montana GLASS PAINT 250ml colors in conjunction with other aerosol colors?

Yes. The Montana GLASS PAINT 250ml range can be used in conjunction with synthetic and acrylic based colors as long as they have been allowed to dry completely and cure for 24 hours.

Are Montana GLASS PAINT 250ml colors as durable as other Montana colors?

A part from issues of durability related to pigment load, Montana GLASS PAINT 250ml are durable, scratch proof and hardwearing subject to their adhesion to the glass surface. If the surface was not clean, wet, or had traces of dust oils or fat, then the longevity and durability may be compromised. Apart from proper preparation, it is also possible to coat your finished work with Montana VARNISH to increase durability and resistance to damage in any form.

Can I use Montana GLASS PAINT 250ml colors on drinking glasses or plates?

The Montana GLASS PAINT 250ml is not to be consumed by humans or animals. Therefore it is important not apply it to the area of any surfaces that will come in direct contact with the consumption of food or beverages.

Can I put objects painted with Montana GLASS PAINT 250ml colors in the dishwasher?

We do not recommend cleaning items painted with Montana GLASS PAINT 250ml in dish washers. The Montana GLASS PAINT 250ml has limited resistance to the extreme heat generated in dish washers and the chemicals used in the cleaning products within them. As such, even with extra Montana VARNISH coating, items painted with Montana GLASS PAINT 250ml and then cleaned in a dish washer will eventually fatigue and deteriorate.

How do I remove Montana GLASS PAINT 250ml colors If I need to?

If you need to remove Montana GLASS PAINT 250ml from glass, it is possible to do so by scraping it off, slowly and carefully with a fine flat blade. Be very careful not to scratch the glass underneath or any wood/rubber seals or edges. Alternatively applying Montana ACETONE spray, allowing to soak shortly and then scraping off could be an option. However please note if the ACETONE comes in contact with any seals, it may damage or break them.

Can I use Montana GLASS PAINT 250ml colors On acrylic or plexi glass?

Montana GLASS PAINT 250ml is not made to be applied to acrylic or plexi glass surfaces. We do not recommend doing so. Although the product will most likely apply and color the surface as desired initially, doing so may result in the solvents from the Montana GLASS PAINT 250ml paints agitating, etching into or damaging the acrylic/plexi glass surface.


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