Montana BLACK Artist Series

MONTANA-CANS prides itself on the recently introduced limited edition Artist Series cans. Each can will feature a world renowned artist that will have the opportunity to design personalised artwork for their favourite Montana BLACK color, from the 187 colors in the Montana BLACK range. These designs are then implemented for a limited time in the production of the artists chosen color. Thus making any versions of the Artist Series cans exclusive, functional and collectable. These designs will be featured 4 times a year at the same price as the regular version. So grab them while they are available! (Note: Can not be ordered specifically. Limited edition cans supplied as regular color!)



Das Design von Nr. 12 kommt dieses mal von RAMBO aus Moskau. Aus einer der größten Städte der Welt kommend, spielt RAMBO mit Moskaus Kontrasten aus Stadtlichtern und Skyline. Der russische Künstler wählte für seine Artist Edition den Farbton Silverchrome aus der berühmten Montana BLACK Reihe. "Silverchrome ist berüchtigt für seine Deckkraft und Schnelligkeit, daher wählen viele Sprüher diesen Farbton um auf den Straßen zu malen, speziell während der letzten Kriese". Perfekt für RAMBO´s schnellen und einfachen Pieces und Styles. Das Design ist inspiriert von der Umgebung und den täglichen Impressionen des Künstlers: Den Stadtlichtern, der Skyline Moskaus und natürlich jeder Menge Graffiti!

Montana Black Artist Edition

We like to think that our design is one feature on a list of many aspects that sets us apart from other can manufacturers. For the creation of our sleek litho design, the can became our canvas. And even though we take great pride in the value of brand recognition we have created, we wanted to invite artists to use our can as their canvas and create a special edition series for artists, our fans, collectors and us. The Montana BLACK artist edition was brought to life. Each quarter, a new can is released which features world renowned artists of our choosing. The artist gets to pick his or her favorite color out of the 187 shades in the BLACK range, and create their design, which reflects their interpretation of the name of this shade for the lithographed can. This design will then be implemented for a limited time in the production of the artist’s chosen color, making the can not only functional but an exclusive limited-edition-collectable. Our goal was to create a concept which would allow the artist to put their personal touch and creativity on the can, knowing that it will be distributed all around the world and would also reward us with a personalized design of renown artists. So, we were faced with an agonizing choice, finally zeroing in on the first artist to launch our Montana BLACK artist edition series.

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