As a well-established brand and a integral component in the graffiti scene, it is our great privilege to be able to honor those who have contributed significantly to the development of our culture. Our way of doing this is to dedicate a limited edition can to him or her in our ICONIC SERIES. The most recent icon to have been featured is FUTURA. We teamed up with renowned exclusive fashion design-brand ACRONYM® and Berlin-based curator and art-blogger BEINGHUNTED to put on a worthy celebration of his 60th birthday and decades of abundant artistic output. Our contribution to the event was to create the ICONIC SERIES FUTURA2000 Black – a black hue based on our Montana GOLD highest quality NC-ACRYLIC paint – especially for the occasion. This special limited edition can will not be available for purchase.

When looking closely at Futura’s amazing contribution to the graffiti scene, it seems virtually endless. Starting out during the underground graffiti movement of the 70’s, tagging New York’s subways, Futura made a name for himself which then led to collaborations with many others, such as ALI. His exhibition at New York’s Fun Gallery in 1981 connected him to the British punk rock band 'The Clash', with whom he toured that year, painting their backdrop live, on-stage during their concerts. Today, Futura owns his own fashion label with a store in Fukuoka, Japan. He has worked with many popular brands such as Nike, Recon, The North Face, Supreme and Hennessy, and his numerous exhibitions reach all across the globe. Yet, he is still best known for his original abstract graffiti style and artwork. As a part of the festivities, the ICONIC SERIES FUTURA2000 can was revealed and there was a display of ACRONYM®’s special clothing line at the BEINGHUNTED.Space. The master himself travelled to Berlin to take part, and of course, to create some very exclusive artworks. During the course of the evening celebration, cans were signed, canvases were admired, attire was ogled and fun was had by all. That’s a very successful birthday celebration, to our way of thinking. Make sure not to miss our previous post.