The new MontanaCans Marker range has gone BOLD! #MontanaBold

The new Montana BOLD markers are the state of the art tagging markers that make it possible to be BOLD, and be seen in the streets, taking graffiti’s essential discipline of tagging to new heights! The BOLD marker range is not just a practical marking tool, it is also an aesthetic one that pays homage to the markers of old with it’s contemporary version, heavy duty, aluminium body. Whether victim to heavy use out in the field or as one of the jewels in the crown for any studio marker collection, the alcohol based, optimized deep black ULTRA INK is the perfect permanent formula for any surface. With the robust German made pump action flow control valve system, the super-fast drying ULTRA ink has the perfect path from marker to substrate leaving a luscious semi-gloss finish that is light fast and UV resistant. The marks you make will not only be “made to stay”, but they will also be abrasion resistant leaving your mark in one form or another! #MontanaBold