BLACK Artist Edition Nawas

The Montana BLACK Artist Edition series has been celebrating top class graffiti artist and their work since its inception. For the 8th installment in the series we have upped the ante by not just featuring the talents of one artist, but that of a whole crew in collaboration! We are proud to present NAWAS crew (Night Watchmen) from Belgium to the series with their newly re-named “NAWACID” can, which normally goes under the alias of Acid BLK 6005. NAWAS are well known for adding their touch to the appearance of a normally bland Belgian public transport system. Although their creative touch adds a new, humorous presentation of often familiar symbols and graffiti iconography. With a touch of politics and a dabble of irony, the Night Watchmen are a valued part of the European writing community. Get your NAWACID while stock lasts.

Can be ordered as color shade Montana BLACK Acid 6005 - Only while stock lasts!


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