Montana Sticky Notes

More often then not is a note pad not handy when you need to quickly write down a phone number or email address. And more often then not have you missed the note that was left for you as it wasn’t visible or didn’t stand out from the chaos that is the refrigerator message board. Well consider these problems solved.


The new Montana Cans Sticky Notes in 2 visually dynamic themes will draw attention to everyone. The comical Flying Förtress sticky notes features a German Train design and Montana Can design, or the new #Emojivandals series with the now legendary Emojivandal face, Montana BLACK can, Wall, German Train, NY Subway and Fence designs. Each version shows a light transparent print of the relavent design on every page with sticky line for application to almost anywhere! The handy sized 35 page note booklets guarantee fun and function where every you are.


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