New Warm Grey Montana GOLD 400ml

New Warm Grey Montana GOLD 400ml

7 New Montana Gold Colors: Warm Greys
The Montana GOLD range has well and truly earned it's place in the studio's and creative spaces of artists, artisans and Do It Yourselfers the world over. With a color range that had 215 of the most impressive and compatible colors available in spray paint, we were aware that with ever increasing demands and changing trends, that there was still room for improvement in this almost perfect family. We called on our worldwide network of artists in conjunction with our product development team and of course the best Lab Nerds in the business. The objective, to create what we think are the keys to the perfect complimentary greyscale. Please give a warm welcome to the newest members of the Montana GOLD color pallet; Dolomite, Ceramic, Buzzard, Yosemite, Asphalt, Meteorite and Basalt.


As the popularity of grey tones continues to rise, choosing the right tones to warm up an already comprehensive grey pallet was no easy task. But these 7 new additions are the perfect addition, to a now perfect family. With no exceptions for quality and precision, the new Montana GOLD grey tones exhibit the same exceptional opacity and coverage that users expect. The addition of these 7 warm, innovative grey tones creates a world of possibilities. Not only in regard to the colors individually or in relation to each other. But also in conjunction with the pre-existing grey tone pallet that was already leader in its class.



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