In the following list you will find the most frequently asked questions about Montana products.

Q: How to use a Montana Spray Can?
A: First remove the nozzle and black safety ring underneath it. Turn the can up side down, strike it against your hand to release the mixing balls inside. Shake well to make sure the balls loosen up the the highly pigmentes lacquer on the bottom of the can. Use gravity while repeatedly shaking and turn the can upside down. Always do a testspray on a piece of paper or cardboard prior to application on your object of choice. Now enjoy spray painting with Montana spray paint!

Q: Why to shake well?
A: Highest quality ingredients and a very high pigmentation guarantee a extraordinary strong coverage. Shaking the can well and striking it against your hand helps to loosen up the pigments and to mix all ingredients for perfect use.

Q: What is the difference between Montana GOLD and BLACK?
A: There are different lacquers for different uses or tasks. Each lacquer has it’s own features, the right choice for your project depends on your preferences in use. The Montana GOLD is compatible with the Montana BLACK 400ml. For more information please visit our spray can product pages.

Q: Paint Qualities: What is Nitro-Combi (Montana BLACK spray paint)?
A: A solvent-based lacquer consisting of nitrocellulose and alkyd resin, which dries fast due to the rapid evaporation time of the solvent used.

Q: Paint Qualities: What is Acrylic (Montana GOLD spray paint)?
A: A solvent-based lacquer of acrylic resin basis combined with nitrocellulose and alkyd resin. Dries fast due to the rapid evaporation time of the solvent used.

Q: Paint Qualities: What is Synthetic (Montana WHITE spray paint)?
A: A lacquer of alkyd resin basis which oxidizes (dries) by reacting with oxygen. The lacquer has depth of volume when applied and maintains this volume after the solvents have evaporated. This results in a longer drying time then the Acrylic- or Nitro-Combi-Lacquer. Synthetic resin is more UV- sensitive than Acrylic- and Nitro-Combi-Lacquers.

Q: What is the difference between High- and Lowpressure?
A: Essentially a low pressure can ejects the paint with less force through the cap. This enables the user more control to create fine lines, details and effects when using skinny outline caps. A high pressure can ejects the paint through the cap at a faster rate at a higher volume. This enables the user to cover more surface area, faster. This is optimized when by using a fatter cap.

Q: Combination of spray paint: Can I combine the different MONTANA spray paints?
A: Montana GOLD can be combined with Montana BLACK 400ml.

Q: Overpainting: Can I paint on oilpaint? Which MONTANA product is recommended?
A: Always ask yourself if the surface you wish to overpaint is completely dry. Oil paint takes a very long time to dry. This is why we advise against mixing our lacquers with oil paint. However it is not an issue if you overpaint with oil paints onto dry Montana paint.

Q: Surfaces: On which surfaces can I paint with MONTANA products?
A: Every surface has different characteristics of absorption and adhesion. For example cardboard is a very porous surface which absorbs the paint. Painting un-primed cardboard will result in a lot of paint usage. If the chosen surface is non-porous, then Montana paints will apply perfectly. If painted on a surface like Glass which is an extremely non-porous surface, the color cannot adhere because it can’t “hold-on” to the glass. It will however cover the surface quickly. The optimal surfaces are neutral, pre- primed surfaces where the coating primer can adhere to the surface well and our lacquer can adhere again to the primer. Please test small areas of your proposed surface to see if the paint will adhere. In the case of Plastics we are unable to predict levels of adhesion due to the unknown chemical composition of all plastics.

Q: Surfaces: Which Paint to use for which surface?
A: The more non-porous a surface is, the more the output volume of MONTANA BLACK works as an advantage. The more porous and more even a surface is, the more advantageous it becomes to use the MONTANA GOLD which avoids dripping. Please always consider of the adhesion characteristics of your chosen surface.

Q: What is the difference between MONTANA spray cans and other DIY aerosol sprays?
A: MONTANA products have been developed and optimized over years by artists, writers and scientist to provide a perfect tool for special requirements. Characteristics like short drying time, proper coverage, a brilliant and extremely wide color table and more are the reult.

Q: MONTANA Dealers: Where can I get MONTANA spray cans?
A: Please refer to our store finder.

Q: Color System: Does MONTANA use RAL color system?
A: No. All MONTANA Colors are NOT part of the RAL system. MONTANA uses its own color system. The color system was developed and optimized over years to ensure a perfect workflow for creatives, professionals as well as amateurs. For more information check out our colorchart.

Q: Safety: Can I use MONTANA colors indoors? Should I wear a respirator mask?
A: Yes you can use MONTANA Products indoors. We recommend wearing a protective mask and gloves to protect your skin and your respiratory tract. Use only in well ventilated areas. Please read cautions on the can label before using. MONTANA-CANS are CFC and LEAD FREE

Q: What about environmental issues?
A: Environmental issues are high on the agenda of MONTANA-CANS. As a member of the Motip Dupli Group we have been certified with the EN-ISO 9001 and EN-ISO 14001 certificates for high environmental standards. Eco and user friendliness standards are maintained and guaranteed. The production facilities are working with modern Safety Management Systems, which are in accordance with the Annex of the Seveso II Directives.

Q: Safety: What to do in case of eye- or skin contact with paint?
A: In case of eye contact or ingestion, seek medical advise immediately and refer to the label or can. Exposure to skin will not result in any damage. Wash with warm water and soap or acetone.