The new fluorescent color Montana GOLD Disco White

The Montana GOLD range is renowned for it's six brilliant fluorescent colors that not only radiate by day, but also glow warmly by night under UV light. Now there is a new color to the fluorescent range which has an added feature. The New Disco White F9100 appears like any other neutral white by day and becomes an eye catching fluorescent like glow by night color, under UV light! Single elements or objects can appear tastefully white in daylight, but by night stunning features under UV light. Easy and clean application is achieved thanks to the much loved low pressure valve system as with the whole Montana GOLD range. Highest quality made in Germany!


Recently the German artist Andreas von Chrzanowski, aka - CASE (MaClaim Crew) participated in the Luminale exhibition in Frankfurt. This was a good opportunity to supply the artist with the new Montana GOLD “Disco White F9100”, which is the latest member of the Montana GOLD fluorescent color family. Case’s installation took place in an underground train station in Frankfurt, “Taunusanlage”. The installation was a combination of several layers, two painted walls as well as acrylic plates hung behind a show display window of a former grocery store within the subway station. Using his signature hand and finger motives, Case painted on all substrates which were then illuminated by strong UV light sources. Beside traditional acrylic paint, CASE combined different Montana products for his work, including the Montana GOLD fluorescent colors and of course the new Montana fluorescent tone „Disco White“ which created stunning glow effects at night. Strategically using the Disco White, he managed to bring out single parts and elements of his work to highlight various areas of his hands, eluding to weight and depth. Watch the video.