METROPOLINK 2016 – Robert Proch

Robert Proch did not come to working on walls from the common learning ground of graffiti. Instead he took the traditional route working with painting and drawing as a child and then transitioning to walls and cans in 2002. Originating from Poznan in Poland, Proch took part in the 2016 METROPOLINK festival in Heidelberg to create an image for the local people and their environment. Learn more about the artist and his work here.

Dmitri Aske Solo Show “Reality 2.0″


Moscow based artist Dmitri Aske had his first solo show in September — October, 2016 in Vladey Space Gallery, Moscow, Russia. The exhibition called Reality 2.0 included eight new artworks made in the artist’s unique technique of a multilayer plywood relief especially for the show. All the works are dedicated to the digital era we are living in, now that the Internet takes up more and more of our time and attention becoming for many people the second reality. The addiction some people have might be even compared to a mother-child relationship. At the same time, as Marshall McLuhan wrote as far back as 1960s, people don’t actually notice how new media entering our lives are gradually changing us. More after the jump!




POW! WOW! is hitting its second year in Japan, but this time in the city of Kobe. The action begins on October 17th and runs through October 22nd with murals, skate exhibition showcase, educational talks and more. The roster includes artists such as Persue, Push, Sam Rodriguez, Cinta Vidal, John “Prime” Hina, Kami and Sasu of Hitotzuki, Ryuichi Ogino, Jun Inoue and Kensuke Takahashi. Get more information

METROPOLINK 2016 – 1010

METROPOLINK 2016 featured many artists in many contexts. However one artist was able to express the passion for his art on a former building that was a house of passion. The artist 1010 who resides in Hamburg and originates from Poland had the challenging task of translating his artistic idea onto a building that was formerly a brothel. The results are a stunning artwork which you can check out here.



HOMBOOG & FRIENDS – these are close friends, big buddies and well known artists. Over the past two decades, HOMBRE and BOOGIE have been able to get to know people who have shaped, accompanied and enriched them. Now they felt it’s time to celebrate this on a common group show presenting selected artworks – as they say: “from People we like, styles that inspire us, and works that we admire.” Exhibited will be sketches, prints and screen works in the most diverse formats. Show takes place on 5th of November in the Swiss Farbklex Gallery in Liestal, Basel. Opening doors at 8pm. Feel free to pass by – the HOMBOOG team is looking forward to see you at the HOMBOOG & FRIENDS GROUP SHOW!


As part of the 2016 METROPOLINK festival in Heidelberg Germany, the artist Kera from Berlin came in to strutt his stuff. The classic Graffiti based artist who started painting in 1999 eventually transition into the geometric abstraction on a large scale. Check out a short interview and visual recap of his work in this video.

Montana ACRYLIC Marker Session with HOMBRE SUK


In the left corner, coming from and representing Mannheim is Hombre of Homboog fame. In the right corner, the Montana ACRYLIC artist markers. If you put the two in the ring and give them a bit of time, anything is possible. To see how the session rolled out, check it out here!


The new Montana Winter Gloves


Every season is painting season. And with the new Montana Winter Gloves now your hands will agree with you. Made of 2.4mm woven nylon and filled with a 3,6mm soft brush acrylic inner lining, the gloves not only offer warmth, but also flexibility while working. The final outer lining is coated with latex that protects against unwanted substance contact. This combination of materials is both breathable and elastic to enable your hands freedom to move with perfect grip due to the serrated finger tips while staying warm between temperatures as low as -5 to 8 degrees celsius. Get more information after the jump.



In this episode of MONOCHROME we feature graffiti writer Dems, check it out!
MONOCHROME is a series of graffiti videos, all with a black-and-chrome feeling, by Simple short videos featuring one writer and three cans in each episode. One chrome piece on one clean wall by one selected graffiti writer for each episode.

WRITE & RIDE Festival Iran


Recently the WRITE & RIDE Festival took place in the capital city of Iran, Tehran, supported by MONTANA-CANS and CARHARTT. In a conservatively ruled country like Iran, events like WRITE & RIDE are definitely not common place so thousands of young people, skaters, writers, bboys and musicians welcomed this opportunity to visit and meet. More after the jump!




Nuart Festival provides an annual platform for national and international artists who operate outside of the traditional art establishment. From the first week of September an invited international team of street artists leave their mark on the city’s walls, both indoor and out, creating one of Europe’s most dynamic and constantly evolving public art events. See more images after the jump.


Herakut in Reykjavik – Wall Poetry ’16


Herakut are also in Reykjavik, Iceland where they are currently working on a large new piece for the Wall Poetry ’16 event curated by Urban Nation. In town for Iceland Airwaves 2016, Herakut collaborated with Kronos Quartet, an American string quartet based in San Francisco to reinterpret their work on a wall. See more images after the jump.