After another impressive edition of the E-MOVES FESTIVAL in June creativity kept flowing Eindhoven, NL. Check out this video and some inspiring images.



Check out this video from Benjamin Duquenne, Francisco Mazurenko in Grande-Synthe, France.

Montana Sticky Notes


More often then not is a note pad not handy when you need to quickly write down a phone number or email address. And more often then not have you missed the note that was left for you as it wasn’t visible or didn’t stand out from the chaos that is the refrigerator message board. Well consider these problems solved. See more images after the jump.

Matt Adnate painting in London – UK


In the past we have closely followed the progress of the Australian artist Adnate and his quest for truth and equality within his artwork. On a recent tour of Europe, he managed to paint two walls in England and was kind enough to share some words with us about the artworks.

“London has been a Mecca for street art and graffiti for a long time so I wanted to make sure I had enough time to get 2walls done in my 2days available…
One wall was in Shoreditch, a significant area next to an old overground trainline. See and read more after the jump.


Hendrik Beikirch for Stadt.Wand.Kunst

The next mural of German based artists Hendrik Beikirch will be created in Mannheim for the Stadt.Wand.Kunst Project that is co-initiated by MONTANA-CANS. The 44m high building is located in Mannheim Vogelstang, a suburb of Mannheim. Architecturally this buidling is a true challenge – there are three major vertical facades plus additional levels of surfaces inbetween… more after the jump!



In this episode of MONOCHROME we feature Copenhagen based graffiti writer Nasty. For more from him, check out his instagram:

MONOCHROME is a series of graffiti videos, all with a black-and-chrome feeling, by Simple short videos featuring one writer and three cans in each episode. One chrome piece on one clean wall by one selected graffiti writer for each episode.

Faces&Laces in Moscow 2016


On August 6 and 7 in Moscow the anniversary of Faces&Laces show took place in Gorky Park. Within the show by means of aerosol production artists twins from Serbia (SOBEKCIS) and Russia (PEEKS & PLUSIER) painted the popular Moscow truck and a ten-meter white wall. The Moscow team SECRET WALLS x MOSCOW conducted a series of classic battles. Participants of battles: MAD (MOSCOW), TAME (MINSK), INEY (MOSCOW), SLOOF (ROSTOV-ON-DON), KOGAN (BERLIN), REN GRAUN (SAINT PETERSBURG). Also, graffiti battle on classic Kangol hats has been carried out by Montana Acrylic markers. Participants of fight: MUCH, BODIK, SUBWWAYMOSCOWW and EGOR. See more images after jump.


“EUROPE” BY BEZT (ETAM cru) – The Video

Making of Video of the recent „EUROPE“ mural by BEZT / ETAM cru for Stadt.Wand.Kunst, a project supported by MONTANA-CANS. The polish artist and second half of the ETAM CRU created a mural in the downtown area of Mannheim, Germany. Find more images here „EUROPE“ MURAL BY BEZT / ETAM CRU | Mannheim. Make also sure to check others artworks of ETAM here!


iam eelco_nyc

The Hague, Netherlands, Canada, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens…Dutch artist Eelco van den Berg keeps moving around. Check out some pictures after the jump.




Recent mural by the polish artist BEZT of the famous ETAM cru painted in Mannheim for Stadt.Wand.Kunst or City.Wall.Art project. „EUROPE“ is the title of this great artwork finished last week by BEZT. MontanaCans is co-initiator and of the Stadt.Wand.Kunst event, curating the project together with the ALTE FEUERWACHE Mannheim. Next artist will be ECB also known as Hendrik Beikirch. More Infos soon. Check the making of images with BEZT from ETAM after the jump.


POW! WOW! Long Beach Recap 2016


It’s summer and it’s hot outside. This also means there are some awesome graffiti festivals going on out there in the world and one of our favorites just wrapped up. The POW! WOW! Long Beach festival ended mid-July and the streets of Long Beach, Florida can prove it. Artists Pantonio, Ernest Zacharevic, Martha Cooper, Sarah Joncas and many more met up in the city to create a new flood of artworks spread throughout the cityscape. This has been the second annual POW! WOW! Long Beach festival and the reaction and support of the city and passersby indicates that it will continue next year. But this year we decided to make it something special. With the release of a limited edition can we at Montana Cans wanted to do our part to make the experience unforgettable and supply the keepsake any artist or fan dreams of. See more images after the jump.



Graffiti Gallery_Lineup Grafik 2016

The Royal Arena Festival in Orpund, Switzerland has a lot to offer any punter who attends. One of the highlights however is the Graffiti Gallery that spans over a 200m long wall. To compliment the top local talent, this year the renowned international feature artists include Sobekcis from Serbia as well as Rusl, Dejoe & Ryna and Semor from Germany. Viewing of the artists finishing their works is possible from 15:00 on Friday the 19th. See you there!