BANE, PEST and MEATS in United Arab Emirates


BANE, PEST and MEATS – The longest Glow In-The-Dark painting in the world.
The United Arab Emirates is a place of extremes. Extreme wealth and extremely dry just to name a couple. But in recent years it has also become known as the place for breaking records and setting new targets in human endeavour. The result is amazing. Check out what the guys achieved here.


„Greetings Tour“- Downtown LA

The most recent adventures from the “Greetings Tour” artists Lisa Beggs and Victor Ving have led them to downtown LA for the Airbnb Open Festival. In conjunction with the opening of small Shops street festival called Open Spotlight, they also featured several musicians and show cased artists including Beggs and Ving. Check out the making of the artwork here.


“NEUGIER“ (Curiosity) by SatOne


SatOne was invited to cooperate with a project seminar at the academic high school in Kirchseeon, near Munich. During this year`s seminar, it was the task of the students to support the realization of this project, look for sponsors, to organize the presentation and to document the emergence of the mural. SatOne realized his new work “NEUGIER“ on a 65 square-meter wall in the hall of the high school. He captured the movement of architectural elements like the spiral staircase and natural elements of the surrounding environment.It was the goal to create sustainability that leads to motivation and free interpretations of the students. The mural was officially unveiled by the head of district authorities and school management. See more images after the jump.



In this episode of MONOCHROME we feature Italian graffiti writer Zeus40, check it out!
MONOCHROME is a series of graffiti videos, all with a black-and-chrome feeling, by Simple short videos featuring one writer and three cans in each episode. One chrome piece on one clean wall by one selected graffiti writer for each episode.

Bamcontent | Aske / Pantone / Petro / Slak

When the sun shines in Moscow, things happen. In some cases, people that have moved on, step back into their old realities to walk the steps they once journeyed. BAM CONTENT from Russia was lucky enough to catch exactly this moment on film. The moment where Aske from Moscow stepped out of a 6 year “Letter Retirement” to push some visual boundaries with letters once again. And with fellow writers Pantone, Petro and Slak, he was in good company. Without it being discussed, the color scheme for the day unofficially became the flag colors of Pantone’s home town, Valencia. A trivial point, but an integral one should this project become re-occurring and the artists take up the same challenge next time in Valencia, using the colors of the Russian flag? Geography aside, fresh paintings were created and styles burned as the sun beat down on a wall in Moscow.

Heerlen Murals invites Aryz

Heerlen Murals invited the talented artist Aryz (Spain) to do an intervention in the city of Heerlen (Netherlands) as part of the “Je gaat het pas zien als je het doorhebt” (There is more than meets the eye) project. We are not only happy to show you the end result but also for you to hear his thoughts and see his craftsmanship. Also check the images after the jump.

Case paints a New Mural in Jacksonville, Florida


Case from the Maclaim crew stood up to a new challenge at the current Art (Re) Public project in Jacksonville, Florida. With a change of pace, Case has approached his reoccurring hands motif with a pastel pallet and a stack of books. Giving a nod to the towns history and future, the artist along with 12 other internationally recognized artists are putting their touch on Jacksonville’s creative present. Returning to the primary function of holding, his hands take on a whole new meaning when holding on to the heavy symbolic knowledge that are the carefully chosen books. Check out his creation here.


YASH – „Making Friends“

The Swedish Artists YASH recently released a film titled Making Friends depicting a work he created this year for the Municipality of Ovanåker in Sweden. Located at the Southern School in Edsbyn, YASH depicts a beautiful image of a young girl cautiously and respectfully hold a small bird as it appears they are making friend with each other. What adds to the impressiveness of the image above its technical precision, is the sheer scale of what is actually a young girl and a small bird. Check out the results here.

Secret Wars Round 24


Last weekend saw the 24th round of Secret Wars take place in Hamburg, Germany. Hamburg being a mecca of cool and creativity turned it on for the event and again the Montana BLACK markers rose to the challenge. As usual the live art battle was filled with emotion and contemplation. Check out how the night rolled on here.

„Greetings Tour“- Liberty Station


Photographer Lisa Beggs and painter Victor Ving have decided to do what many would love to do, but probably never will. They have packed up their city lives and since April 2015 have been cruising through the US in their RV. Leaving behind a special type of gift in their chosen cities. Check out the latest work in San Diego here at the former Liberty Station Navel site which is now a bustling local community.


POW! WOW! Washington D.C. 2016

POW! WOW! Washington D.C. took over the District during the last ten days of May. Local, national, and international artists convened to enrich and enliven area neighborhoods with their murals. POW! WOW! DC is lead by local artist Kelly Towles, along with many great partners and volunteers. Of the 17 participating artists, at least four will represent DC, including No Kings Collective , Decoy , and Matt Corrado . Other artists flew in from as far as Hong Kong (Caratoes), Honolulu (Jeff Gress), London (INSA), and Australia (The Yok).
Video directed by Ian Roche.


Many artists that use spray cans see themselves as painters. But what if you use paint and spraycans and define yourself as a drawer? Dome from Karlsruhe Germany does just that. In his recent work „Drift Away“ for the METROPOLINK 2016 festival in Germany, Dome attempts to stay true to his drawing roots by telling a visual story and not steering too far away from form. Check out his artwork and how it unveiled here.