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We at MontanaCans love to support artists and projects that are a part of the graffiti and street art community. This is our way of giving something back to the fellow artists and creatives that make it possible for us to exist. Since we do not have the financial capabilities to accept every single request, we need to be sure that a sponsoring deal is profitable for both sides. The sponsoring aims (increasing the recognition level, establishment, new positioning of the image, customer binding and acquisition of new customers) must be achieved within the framework of sponsorship.

If we support you with free cans we are asking for pictures or a little movie in return. A documentation is essential for us and should cover more than the finished artwork. A making of is always interesting to see and serves as an opportunity for product placement. The pictures should be in a good and printable resolution. A movie is also a feature which we are more than happy to get, in this case please include our “supported by” logo which you will receive from us.

Get connected: If you´re presenting your event/artwork on the internet please make sure to add us to your partners/sponsors with our Logo and a link to our Facebook site:

If you´re promoting/presenting on Facebook please make sure to mark our Facebook page in your communication as well. If we think your work will fit in our portfolio we are more than happy to spread everything you gave us on our marketing channels.

To apply for a Montana Cans Sponsoring, please use this form: