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Montana GOLD Spray 400ml

Color spray used for Graffiti/Art/DIY purposes.



- Very good adhesion

- Can be used on almost any surfaces

- Short drying time

- Very high coverage

- Can be overpainted quickly

- Good elasticity of cured paint

- Very good lightfastness

- Very good weather resistance

- Winter proof

- Constant pressure

- After curing compatible to Acrylic Markers, Acrylic Paint, Gouache, Inks and Chalk.



Shake can vigorously for 2-3 minutes before use. Apply paint in several thin layers, spraying in sweeping motions. Allow each coating to dry for at least 5 minutes. Can be overpainted after 3 hours. Further coats of alternative products might require a drying time of 24 hours or more depending on application style. Always test spray on a non-visible area to check the compatibility of lacquer or paint. For optimal lifespan, store cans with the nozzle on.



- Surfaces should be dry and clean of oil, dirt or rust

- Shake the can well for at least 3 minutes 

- Spray distance should be at least 15-20cm

- Test spray on a non-visible area 

- Apply at least 2-3 layers in a grid pattern. Leave every layer to dry at least 5 min.

- To expand the lifespan of the paint layer, it should be treated with Montana Varnish Spray




ITEM#: Miscellaneous

EAN-CODE: Miscellaneous

HS CODE: 32082090




CONTENT: 400ml

NOZZLE: Montana Skinny Cap Gold/Beige


LAQUER BASE: NC-Acrylic                          

PRESSURE LEVEL: Low pressure 

COLOR RANGE:  214 colors  

GLOSS LEVEL (60° angle according to DIN 67530):  15 GE matte

HEAT RESISTANCE: Up to 80°C (176°F) 

COVERAGE: Good, depending on the surface, 3 layers are recommended. For a perfect finish a special primer should be used.

OVERPAINTING: Can be overpainted with Synthetic- or Acrylic Lacquer after the lower layer is completely cured (after 12hrs).


- Dust dry: after approx. 2-3min

- Touch dry: approx. 10min.

- Fully cured after 12h 

Drying time depends on temperature, humidity and thickness of coating.


 - Temperature 10° - 25°Celcius

- Surface temperature 5° - 40°Celcius

- Air humidity max. 60%

SHELF LIFE / STORAGE: 10 years with proper storage (10°-25°C, relative humidity of max. 60%).



- Dangerous goods class 2.1

- UN1950



Why Montana GOLD? What is the difference between Montana GOLD and other paints?

Montana GOLD is the premium, high quality, low pressure aerosol paint for all artistic, creative or general DIY projects. With a unique and extensive color range (plus additonal Effect/Technical and specialty sprays), the Nitro Acrylic paint base offers extremely high coverage and color vibrancy with the flexibility to combine mediums with other materials. Montana GOLD is easy to use, perfect handling for experienced or in-experienced users  with a long lasting result that is second to none.


How do I start using my Montana GOLD can?

Remove the spray nozzle and turn the can upside down. Strike with your palm allowing safety ring to fall out. Shake vigerously for 2-3 minutes ensuring you can hear the mixing balls moving freely. Replace the cap back onto the top of the can valve and trigger away from substrate to test. If flowing freely you can start painting.


Is Montana GOLD acrylic?

Montana GOLD is a solvent based, nitro-acrylic paint. The solvents evaporate rapidly once applied leaving an acrylic paint layer behind once dry.


What is Low Pressure?

Montana GOLD is low pressure, meaning the gasses in the can allow the paint to be ejected slowly and smoothly. This can reduce spray dust, improve precision and increase how accurately users can apply paint.


How far should I hold the can away from the substrate while painting?

Optimum distance from substrate is normally beween 15 and 25cm depending on your task. The closer you hold the can, the more paint is applied to a smaller area. The further away you hold it, the thinner the paint film applied will be.


How long does Montana GOLD take to dry?

Drying time is usually 6-8 minutes but can vary depending on substrate, ambient temperature, humidity levels and thickness of coats applied. The three stages of drying are apx: touch dry in 6-8 mins, working dry in 60 mins and chemically cured in 12-24 hours.


Can I paint over Montana GOLD with other tube paints?

You can paint over Montana GOLD with acrylic or oil based tube paints. It is optimal for all layers of paint to be cured before painting over with acrylic based tube or marker paints.


What temperatures can Montana GOLD withstand?

Montana GOLD can normally withstand indirect heat upto to apx. 80 degrees Celcius depending on context. We do not recommend using in extreme contexts of direct heat and flames, (e.g. machine or auto parts).


How do I prevent getting drips?

Drips occur when the can is too close to the substrate during application, or spray passes occuring too slowly. You can either hold the can further away from the spray surface or increase the speed of your spray motion.


Can I change nozzles to have different application effects?

Montana –Cans offers a wide variety of spray nozzles to create any marks of your choice. Nearly all Montana-Cans nozzles are interchangable with all our spray products (*except ultrawide and some specialty sprays). Please ensure your replacement cap is the compatible before purchase.


How do I get the smooth coverage?

It is very important to shake well to achieve the correct balance between the high pigment load and the active ingrediants of the can. Apply multiple coats thinly at apx. 15cm-20cm from your substrate, changing your application direction (horizontal and verticle) after each pass.


Can I sand Montana GOLD once it is dry?

Yes, you can sand Montana GOLD with dry or wet sand paper once dry. For optimal results, sand once cured (24 drying).


Is Montana GOLD lightfast?

Montana GOLD is extremely light fast using only the highest quality European pigments and added UV blockers to increase the longevity and vibrance of the color. Please note the longevity of your paint will be subject to many variables like exposure to UV light and the ellements, pre-treatment of the substrate or amount of coats applied. For a guide on color opacity and saturation, consult our Montana GOLD color chart here  or grab a printed color chart at your local Montana Cans supplier.


Is the Montana GOLD color range in the RAL system?

All though many colors from other color systems may appear similar, the Montana GOLD color range is a unique color system created by us that was developed with artists and creatives , for artists and creatives. It is not part of any other system. The colors were created individually in our labs and are mixed by us in our ISO certified production plants. For professional color selection consult our Montana True Color Swatch GOLD


What is the best surface preperation for Montana GOLD?

Montana GOLD will stick to almost anything and can be used in almost any context. However for optimal results (and longevity), it is best to consider the following:

- Working on PH neutral, non acid substrates is optimal for longevity.

- Make sure your substrate is clean of all of oils, dirt or rust.

- Use the appropriate primer for the chosen material if relavent. (eg. Plastic primer/Metal primer/Polystyrene primer/Universal primer if your not sure)

- Smooth, non-porous surfaces use less paint.

- The ideal color surface to pre-treat your artwork, object or project with is white. The more opaque the surface is, the more light will reflect through the applied color making it appear more vibrant and longer lasting.

- Thin coats applied in multiple layers will add to the vibrancy of color and the sealing qualities of the paint.

- Sanding between coats once dry (if possible) will create more tooth for further coats to adhere to.

- Sealing with a Montana Varnish once paint is cured (24 hours) can seal, protect and increase the longevity of your artwork or project.


Is Montana GOLD compatible with other spray paints?

The secret for combining materials from different brands or chemical bases ist o wait till al paints are totally dry and cured. Once Montana GOLD is cured completely, essentially only a film of neutral acrylic paint is left on the surface it was applied to. To avoid dissapointment, always test spray on a scrap piece, or non-visible area of your artwork to see if you are content with the results!


Can I paint on the following materials?

- Polystyrene: Yes; Always pre-treat with Montana Polystyrene Primer and ensure the surface is completely sealed with all air holes covered. Any openings on the polystyrene surface may result in agitation or burning of the material.

- Plastic: Yes. Success and longevity is dependant on the stability and chemical make up of the plastic. Not all plastics will allow a long term coverage. Always use Montana Plastic primer.

- Metal: Yes. For best results free of dust, oils and rust. Pre-treat with Metal Primer and apply multiple coats to achieve color vibrancy required.

- Glass: Yes. Ensure that the surface is clean and dry before application.

- Fabric: Yes. However Montana GOLD is not a specific fabric paint. We recommed fabric paints for commercial fabric projects. It may dry hard on some fabrics and is not resistant to heavy use or some washing detergents over time.

Please note the above listed surfaces expand and contract when exposed to heat and cold. If they expand beyond the abilities of the paint, then cracks or splits may occur in the paints surface. Extreme heat, cold or direct sunlight should be avoided. For all other surfaces see „Best Surface Preperation“ above.


Is Montana GOLD safe for me to use?

All our paints are CFC and Lead free. However all aerosol, or art materials that are in the form of vapor could become harmful if exposure is continuous and unprotected. (This includes water based materials!). Read the warnings on the packaging before use.

How you protect yourself is a personal choice. Where ever possible we always recommend you wear a mask that filters dust/vapor/gas particles, wear gloves to cover hands, cover exposed face and skin and try to work in a well ventilated area. We do not scent our paints for your safety. If the above mentioned protection or working conditions are not possible, listen to your body. Take a break, ventilate or stop if you notice things becoming uncomfortable.


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