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Step into style with the new Montana Doormat, an elegant addition to any entrance. Designed by Max Solca.


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Montana RUST 400ml
The new Montana RUST Effect spray now available - for the illusion of rust and oxidization. Ideal for hobby, DIY, or creative projects. Apply as a single color, or both together as desired for an organic look. Can be used on different surfaces such as paper, cardboard, primed...
Montana GOLD 400ml - Fluorescent Colors
Die fluoreszierenden Farbtöne der Montana GOLD werden nun durch einen weiteren Farbton ergänzt – Disco White F9100. Damit besteht die Fluor Reihe der GOLD aus 7 fluoreszierenden Farbtönen die unter UV-Licht im Dunklen leuchten. Was bei Tageslicht als fast neutrales Weiss ersch...
Montana GOLD 400ml - Colors
Low Pressure Dose – hochdeckender und schnelltrocknender NC AcryllackDer Lack der Montana GOLD basiert auf einer speziellen NC-Acryl Basis und deckt hervorragend und schnell auf verschiedenen Untergründen wie z.B. Leinwand, Beton, Holz, Karton, Glas und vieles mehr.  Mit...
Montana GLASS PAINT 250ml
Glass is everywhere. Our windows are made of it, our homes have vases made from it, the bottles we drink from and even the jars we get some of our food from are all made of glass. Whether it is a little extra privacy by frosting a window, some creative upcycling or redecoratin...
Montana BLACK 400ml
EFFICIENCY, QUALITY & RELIABILITYMontana BLACK is a high-pressure Nitro-Combination based formula and is the superior can of it's class. Re-developed with 187 powerful, high covering matte finish colors that can be applied to any surface. The ultimate painting experience w...
Montana GLITTER 400ml
The Montana GLITTER 400ml has been the choice of users the world over for a high quality glitter coating that is refined and aesthetic. This medium pressure, Nitro-Combi based paint range has now been extended to five metallic colors composed from premium colored metallic pigm...
Montana MARBLE 400ml
High-covering spray paint for a deceivingly realistic marble effect. Can be used on many different surfaces such as paper, cardboard, primed canvas, wood, glass, metal, ceramics, porcelain, stone, acrylic and other paintable materials. The marble effect is formed by very fine...
BLACK Artist Edition SMASH 137
Ab sofort erhältlich: Montana BLACK ARTIST EDITION #25, gestaltet vom Schweizer Graffiti Künstler SMASH137. Farbton: SMASH Potato BLK400-1005. Diese limitierte Artist Edition kommt nicht im klassischen BLACK Look einer schwarzen Litho Dose. Bei dieser 25. Artist Edition s...


The Montana Marble 400ml spray range has been the leader of its kind for a long time. By popular demand, we are happy to announce the release of the seventh color in the range, PASTEL GREEN. Over the years since its introduction, the MARBLE 400ml spray has worked its way into the palettes and tool kits of DIY’ers, Fine artists, Crafters, Graffiti Writers, and general creators the world over.


How to use Montana Cans - Achieve best results by watching our step by step guides. We´re going to take you through the fundamentals of using different Montana Cans products and show efficient techniques for your next piece of art.

allspraypainted Magazine Issue #5

The allspraypainted Magazine #5 is now available and free online digitally here. As the fifth magazine in the series that summarizes the creative year that was.