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Safety & Environment

MONTANA-CANS aerosols are proudly produced by their parent company European Aerosols GmbH, one of the largest and most environmentally conscious aerosol manufactures in the world. European Aerosols has been avoiding and eliminating the use of ozone-depleting CFCs since 1975 and was the first company in Europe to voluntarily introduce ozone-friendly propellants. The complete global ban of these propellants occurred later in the 1990s. The formulas to which MONTANA-CANS spray paints are produced, are constantly monitored and focus on the latest findings to reduce the content of physiologically harmful components as far as possible. Such materials are replaced by less harmful alternatives with the same technical characteristics or reduced to concentrations that are not harmful to the user. Since 1981, European Aerosols products have not contained any toxic heavy metals.

Recyclable packaging, tin plate cans and the presence of the “Green Dot” on some products are an important European sign representing further contributions to reducing the environmental impact generally. Using new technologies and materials allows us to constantly reduce waste. For example, in 1995 the introduction of the black safety ring under the nozzle meant to resign the lid for the sprays and to avoid tons of plastics. Special cartons that are used both in-house and re-used externally by our suppliers means a further reduction in cardboard waste. The European Aerosols factory located in Haßmersheim Germany furthered their commitment to the environment by introducing a 9 station Eco Path around their grounds. The path not only gave homes to the many wildlife, flora and fauna species located in the area, but it also acted as a mirror for the environmental impact of the European Aerosols works.

Environmentally friendly

MONTANA-CANS are 100 % free of heavy metals and comply with the latest international labelling and safety regulations. The materials of MONTANA-CANS products are recyclable. We also hold the certificate of ISO EN 50001:2011 for efficient Energy management systems.

Quality and Safety Management

MONTANA-CANS has a quality management system certified to ISO EN 9001 and an environmental management system certified to ISO EN 14001. These internationally standardized management system modules not only strengthen the company's position in the market but also serve to set examples for all our employees and partners.

Product Safety

Users of MONTANA-CANS aerosols are assured of the highest level of safety. Manufacturing takes place in Germany under observance of all applicable safety regulations. All empty cans are also tested for loading capacity with a pressure of 15 bar. All filled aerosol cans are then weighed and placed in a water bath at 50ºC to detect any overfilling or damage to the container. The caps are protected against being opened unintentionally, e.g. by children. The warning texts printed on the products are kept up to date and exceed the requirements of hazardous substances law and product liability.

MONTANA-CANS – Highest Quality made in Germany