Montana TARBLACK 500ml

Die Montana TARBLACK 500ml Low Pressure wird mit dem Fat Cap schwarz /orange ausgeliefert ist aber ebenso mit dem 1-6 LEVEL -Cap-System kompatibel. Durch den geringeren Druck ist es möglich  die TARBLACK...
  • Low-Pressure
  • Matte
  • Black
  • Bitumen-base
  • 500ml
Die Montana TARBLACK 500ml Low Pressure wird mit dem Fat Cap schwarz /orange... mehr
Produktinformationen "Montana TARBLACK 500ml"
Valve System: Low-Pressure
Gloss Level: Matte
Color Shades: Black
Lacquer Base: Bitumen-base
Content: 500ml

Die Montana TARBLACK 500ml Low Pressure wird mit dem Fat Cap schwarz/orange ausgeliefert ist aber ebenso mit dem 1-6 LEVEL-Cap-System kompatibel. Durch den geringeren Druck ist es möglich  die TARBLACK im "Skinny-Modus" zu verwenden, somit bietet sie auch mit Skinny Caps eine optimale Leistung für saubere Konturen und Details.

Winterfest! Optimale Leistung in kaltem Klima!

Enorme Deckkraft - hoch pigmentiert - Gut schütteln!  MADE IN GERMANY.



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What are the main characteristics of Montana TARBLACK 500ml?

The Montana TARBLACK 500ml is a deep black bitumen based black color that is low pressure for accurate application. It comes equipped with a fat cap for tight, wide line work that can also be used for the clean outlining of pieces. The most common use for Montana TARBLACK 500ml is to outline over large silverchrome paintings straight away. It boasts no gathering of paint around the nozzle, no whitening or bleaching and is excellent on porous surfaces such as sand stone. Larger than a 400ml can, the contents of the TARBLACK 500ml normally allow outlining one moderately sized piece completely.

Is Montana TARBLACK 500ml the same as Montana BLACK or GOLD?

Montana TARBLACK 500ml is not the same as Montana GOLD or BLACK due to its bitumen base. It is able to go over either, however going over TARBLACK 500ml may at first create reactions. For best results allow to dry completely before covering with other paints.

Montana TARBLACK 500ml winterproof?

Absolutely! Montana TARBLACK 500ml is possibly the best performing tar based spray can in extreme weather conditions. It has been proven to perform perfectly in cold temperatures. Please note that a drop in can pressure can begin to occur when the temperature reaches  0° and below. For best performance it is important to keep your cans warm for as long as possible.

Does Montana TARBLACK 500ml have a brown touch when dry?

No. The Montana TARBLACK is one of the only bitumen based paints that has a black color when dry due to the inclusion of premium black colored pigments as well as the bitumen base.

Can I combine my Montana TARBLACK 500ml with other spray paints?

Yes you can combine your Montana TARBLACK 500ml with other cans. Important to remember is TARBLACK 500ml will cover everything. But you need to wait for the TARBLACK 500ml to be completely dry before over painting with other colors to avoid cracking and reactions. We recommend testing on a non visible area to test compatibility.

Is the Montana TARBLACK 500ml lightfast and UV resistant?

Montana TARBLACK 500ml is extremely light fast and UV resistant for a bitumen based paint. However bitumen based paints as a whole are less UV resistant to standard non bitumen based colors.

How long does Montana TARBLACK 500ml take to dry?

Drying time is usually between 3-5 minutes, but can vary depending on substrate, ambient temperature, humidity levels and thickness of coats applied. 

Can I use my Montana TARBLACK 500ml for outlining pieces?

As previously mentioned, the TARBLACK 500ml is optimized to outline pieces! Users can apply skinny caps and often avoid needing a second outline can due to the 500ml content as apposed to 400ml or less.