Montana SILVERCHROME 600ml

Die Montana Silverchrome 600ml wurde für eine maximale Reichweite in kürzester Zeit entwickelt. M it dem Montana Fat Cap schwarz /orange ausgestattet , ist unsere Silverchrome absolut winterfest und steht für eine...
  • Gloss
  • High-Pressure
  • Silverchrome
  • Acrylic
  • 600ml
Die Montana Silverchrome 600ml wurde für eine maximale Reichweite in kürzester Zeit... mehr
Produktinformationen "Montana SILVERCHROME 600ml"
Gloss Level: Gloss
Valve System: High-Pressure
Color Shades: Silverchrome
Lacquer Base: Acrylic
Content: 600ml

Die Montana Silverchrome 600ml wurde für eine maximale Reichweite in kürzester Zeit entwickelt. Mit dem Montana Fat Cap schwarz/orange ausgestattet, ist unsere Silverchrome absolut winterfest und steht für eine optimale Leistung auch im kaltem Klima. Die Silverchrome ist natürlich kompatibel mit anderen Farben und hat von Anfang bis Ende einen konstanten Druck. Mit der Montana GOLD und BLACK sofort übermalbar, ermöglicht sie so beste Ergenisse bei Outlines oder Details.

Enorme Deckkraft - hoch pigmentiert - Gut schütteln!  MADE IN GERMANY.



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What is Montana SILVERCHROME 600ml?

The Montana SILVERCHROME is a chrome effect spray containing Leafing pigments that is specifically created for graffiti purposes. After application, these pigments raise to the surface and dry on top of the paint film. They are exposed, which achieves maximum reflection of light (thus the amazing chrome effect) when light directly hits the pigments. The result is an „open“ paint surface that is not abrasion proof, cleanable or durable to handle.

How are other metallic colors different to SILVERCHROME 600ml?

Other metallic colors are made with Non-Leafing pigments. After application, these pigments spread themselves evenly within the paint film. This results in a „closed“ paint surface that is abrasion proof, cleanable, durable and has a longer life span due to resistance against UV deterioration. Non-Leafing metallic pigments can also be used in conjunction with colored pigment, but will never offer the shine of a chrome effect color like SILVERCHROME 600ml.

What is meant by "for graffiti purposes?

The Montana SILVERCHROME 600ml has been created to cover the greatest surface area with the most opaque silver chrome color in the shortest possible time. The can comes standard with a fat cap for extra fast coverage of large surface area. The can has more pressure then normal colors and the coverage is instantaneous and exceptional. However impressive the chrome effect looks, the longevity of the color is not as good as non leafing pigmented paints.

Why would I use SILVERCHROME 600ml as apposed to another Silverchrome?

The Montana SILVERCHROME 600ml has been specifically created for graffiti use in mind. The output of the can is higher than other silverchrome and the pressure stays constant till all the paint has been ejected. Having 600ml enables users to often fill one complete painting as apposed to needing a second or third can when using smaller cans.

Is Montana SILVERCHROME 600ml as light fast as the other colors?

Although superior to other brands, the Montana SILVERCHROME 600ml is not as light fast as normal colors due to its open surface. As the pigment dries on the paints surface, there is less protection as there is no clear coat paint vehicle filtering light. Depending on the exposure to UV light, this could lead to the increasing of the deterioration process.

Is Montana SILVERCHROME 600ml as durable as the other colors?

Due to SILVERCHROME 600ml being an open surface paint, it is not as durable as normal or plain colors. Touching the paints surface when dry may leave finger prints or marks as the pigments themselves are being re-shaped.

Can I protect my Montana SILVERCHROME 600ml to make them more durable?

Yes it is possible to increase durability and longevity by applying Montana VARNISH once the paint has cured. Please note each clear coat layer applied on the surface of a dry SILVERCHROME 600ml will create a barrier for the light striking the pigment. The more coats of varnish applied, the more dull the chrome effect will become.

Can I paint over my Montana SILVERCHROME 600ml immediately?

Over painting immediately can only occur with Montana TARBLACK or BLACKOUT products. Painting over wet SILVERCHROME 600ml can result in the color being „absorbed“. Reactions can also occur due to chemical incompatibility. Applying other color once the SILVERCHROME 600ml has dried is not a problem.